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Hello to all you cool cats,

I've decided to do a weekly blog post for you all! I will be including some sneak peaks, information about pre-orders and other important info. 

This week is going to be pretty simple, and it's about pre-orders. I have questions daily about pre-orders and I want to answer these for you. 

What does pre-order mean?

It means we are awaiting stock from our supplier, as soon as we have this stock we will fulfill the order.

Why are you doing pre-orders?

As some of you may or may not know, we're an indie brand. I work alone most days, I do sometimes have help but since this lockdown I've been working all on my own. Pre-orders help me understand the demand for products and allow me to order things quickly and in the right quantities from my supplier. Sometimes it's really hard to know how popular a product is going to be and over ordering can be an issue for indie brands as we don't want to hold onto stock that wont budge.

How long will my pre-order take to dispatch? 

On the product page for each item you pre-order there is a date stating the estimated date of dispatch. If you have pre-ordered several items we will wait for all items to be in stock before dispatching. 

If I order an item that isn't on pre-order with a pre-ordered item will they come together or separately?

Together - unless you message us and pay extra for shipping. We will generally not ship your order in parts just as it's not very environmentally friendly.

Why are so many of your items on pre-order?

At this moment, it is mainly due to COVID-19. The pandemic has made it harder to get hold of stock due to less flights and longer lead times. 

If I pre-order will the money be taken straight away?

Yes. It will be as if it was a normal order, but it will have a much longer processing time.

Can I track my order?

If you would like an update please email All info should be stated on this blog or on product pages, but if you do need more info please email. You will only get live tracking if you select 'Tracked' shipping when you order. 'Economy' and 'Standard' shipping rates DO NOT come with the tracking option, this is clearly stated at cart.

My order still says 'processing' even though I have had a shipping notification?

This is an issue I am currently trying to sort, once you have your shipping notification your order has been shipped. There is currently an issue where my system isn't updating. I am sorry for this. 


I really hope this helps clarify a few things for you. Please check back next week where I'll try and make this a bit more exciting.

Thank you for all your continued support,



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