When you hear wet liner, you might think “isn’t all eyeliner wet?”. Well, the simple answer is no, but that doesn’t really get us any further, so let us explain. At Glisten Cosmetics, we sell Water ‘Activated’ Liners, which means our liners begin as a solid and require water to activate the product! Our girl, @hollifer put together a quick video tutorial on how to get you started...


See! It's as simple as adding some water onto your brush or into the lid of your pot. Then swirl the brush into the pigment until you get a creamy consistency and watch the colour pay off!

With our metallics and duochrome products, it can take slightly longer for the water to activate the product, but no matter if it's a matte, iridescent or split, they all work the same. Dip, swirl and go!

We hope this 'How To' clears things up for you and we will be back with more tips and tricks soon enough!

Remember to pick up all your essentials, including our detailed brushes and liners here and you can find lots of tutorials and inspiration on our Instagram here. Happy painting!

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