With summer right around the corner, we’ve been checking out the trending colours for Summer 2023. According to the folks over at Pantone, the colours of the season celebrate ‘fearless attitude’ and ‘freedom of expression’, and well, we at Glisten couldn’t resonate with this more. So with that in mind, here are our top 5 Summer Splits to get you summer ready!


First up we have Slushie, two gorgeous blue shades (Berryade & Blueberry), and one of our best sellers. Check out @kaliberdaa’s beautiful handiwork for your next blue lagoon inspired look.


Next is Strawberry Cheesecake, a beautiful baby pink (Strawberry) and a vibrant neon pink (Cherryade), perfect for those Barbie-core inspired looks! Look pretty in pink just like @glamgio_nyc.This split is very popular so add it to your collection before it sells out! 


Next we have Split Peas, a light green colour (Mint) and spritely neon green (Limeade). You could be left feeling green with envy if you don’t get your hands on one of these! Check out a cute simple summer look from @kaliberdaa here.


Now for Peach Melba, a striking neon orange (Orangeade) and more muted pastel orange (Peach), giving you ultimate exotic holiday vibes. Check out @kaylinnbihari’s ‘blushed flower’ look here.


Lastly we have Grapevine, a neon purple (Grapeade) and a pretty lilac shade (Grape). This pot of purple wonder is currently our best selling split, so you’ll need to be quick to get your hands on a pot or pan of this! Why not try recreating this look by @maddisonbunny for the next festival you’re going to?

Check out a very satisfying video of all shades (with a few added extra) here

P.S. all these liners also glow in UV light, so they are perfect for your day to night looks. What’s also great about our split liners, is that you get two colours in one meaning you can play around with ombré, create your new shades and still have the original colours! Enjoy having fun with these, we know you will create some amazing looks! 

How to use our wet liners!

Add a small amount of water to the lid, dip a brush into the water (not too much) and then swirl the brush into the pigment and watch the colour pay off! 

Top Tip!

Don’t worry about colours mixing! All you need is a makeup wipe (we use biodegradable) to clean up your pots or palettes, simply just swipe and they will be looking sparkly new again. 

Need help choosing brushes?

We have a wide selection of brushes and tools available to ensure you get the perfect application each time. All our brushes are made from synthetic fibre and the thin bristles allow for precise lines and detailed drawing. 

If you’re just starting out on your liner journey, we recommend the Maytahmi Brush Set. This set has everything you need to get you started, double ended with a liner brush on one end and a dotting tool on the other in three different sizes. And of course, this set is both cruelty free and vegan (as always). 

Now if you’re a bit of a pro, you might want to consider getting yourself our Full Brush Set. Everything you could possibly need to create any look. Ranging from our smallest liner brush, perfect for detailed makeup and a nice thin wing, to our largest flat brush, great for Spectra Paints

We also offer all brushes as a bundle builder, so you can select 2 or more (or lots more) from our collection of 21 brushes to suit your creative needs. You can get yourself a cheeky discount for bulk buying if you do this btw! 

Remember to tag us in your looks @glisten_cosmetics on Instagram and @glistencosmetics on TikTok for your chance to be featured in upcoming blog posts. We LOVE seeing your looks and we can’t wait to see what you come up with for summer 2023. 

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By Emma Wharmby

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