We now bring you lovely people the next of our Artist’s Palettes with Vol. 4 in collaboration with Alexa Jennah. Alexa is a content creator and talented MUA from Germany, known for her effervescent, bold and vibrant looks we all want to recreate!

 For this collection, Alexa also wanted to bring out a new shade in our much loved Spectra Lash. ‘Bubblegum’ Spectra Lash is a perfect light pink shade and is an exclusive addition to this Volume along with two Glisten X Alexa brushes in sizes 7 and 9.

We asked Alexa a couple of questions to give you a little background to her version of the Artist’s Palette. 


What was your favourite part of the process? 

 My favourite part about creating the palette was being able to really be there and witness the beginning up until the end. I loved being able to see the process of how a product is made and the amount of work that goes into it. This definitely wouldn’t have been possible without Natalie and Holly being such a strong support system. It was such a creatively rewarding process and I felt very proud seeing the finished collection.  


Is there some inspiration behind the colour story? 

The colours are mostly my favourite colours. I obviously had to have a variety of pink shades because that’s very on brand for me, but I also wanted a balance of warm and cool tones and also colours that complimented each other. I’m so excited for everyone to be able to wear my favourite colours on their faces and also carry just a little bit of me around with them when they do.

Alexa was also our Influencer of the Month back in April of this year. Check out her full interview here to find out what inspires her as a content creator, tips for being a makeup artist and even her favourite pizza topping!  


Make sure you grab your Alexa Palette before it sells out! Available to purchase as a full set with the brushes and NEW Spectra Lash in the shade ‘Bubblegum’ or on its own. Shop the collection here.


Remember to tag us in your looks using Alexa’s collection on Instagram and TikTok. We cant wait to see them! To keep up to date with more exciting releases like this one, subscribe to our newsletter below. Comment your favourite shades from this volume of the Artist’s Palette below, and let us know what you think of the shade of Spectra Lash exclusive to the collection!

By Emma Wharmby

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