We've got some exciting news to share with you!
Get ready to blush with delight as we introduce our brand new product, Blooming Blush, that will make your cheeks pop with colour! These blushes are super pigmented, giving you that perfect flush all year round!
We're releasing a whopping 10 shades of our fabulous Blooming Blush collection:
Lava Lamp - Deep Red Pink
Orange You Glad! - Orange
Peach Me! - Peach
Peony - Light Pink
Punch Bowl - Coral Pink
Slay Clay - Muted Orange
Terracotta Pots - Burnt Coral
Ticklish - Hot Pink
True Love - Deep Red
Yikes! - Purple


There's a shade for everyone to fall in love with! For those with lighter skin, we recommend trying out our delightful Peach me! shade. And for those with darker skin tones, we suggest giving our fabulous True Love shade a go.


These will be available to buy individually, in a full bundle, and even in a build your own bundle

 These Blushes are lightweight, effortlessly blenable, and buildable.

Check out how they look on @glamsden and @noelleplay! Chloe uses Orange You Glad! and Punch Bowl, and Noelle uses Lava Lamp and Yikes! Which shades are you choosing?

 Remember to tag us in your looks over on Instagram and TikTok! 

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 By Anya Parry Valeron

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