We bring you eight stunning brand-new liquid, YES LIQUID, eyeliners to fulfil all your duochrome desires. This lustrous range is water-resistant, lightweight, and durable. Each liner has a unique colour shift, comes with its own applicator, and has a smooth formula that is easy to apply and wear; just remove with makeup remover!

You aren’t even ready for this drop...



First up, Peacock. This absolutely stunning shade transitions from teal blue to bright green like the dazzling feathers of its namesake, creating a show-stopping look with every flick! You never looked so fly.


Now you can shimmer and shine the way nature intended. Serving aquatic elegance, the Jellyfish Chroma Flik glistens from baby pink to green-gold, ensuring you’ll be making waves everywhere you go. 



Next, we have the Beetle Chroma Flik, an eyeliner that transitions from vibrant burnt orange to warm gold in the sunlight. With a simple flick, you can enjoy a sun-kissed shimmer that's sure to turn heads.


Get ready to experience a mythical transformation to your makeup with this enchanting duochrome. The Cyclops Chroma Flik is an eye-catching liner that has a deep pink to bronze shift with a hint of rose gold!


Show off that inner mer-person and dive into the depths of iridescence with Deep Sea! This duochrome shifts from a dreamy purple to a mesmerizing deep-sea blue like a real-life mermaid!



Embrace icy cool style with our Chroma Flik in Frosting! This irresistible minty-fresh green-to-gold duochrome with hints of blue will give you the ultimate sparkle you need to stand out - no need to thank us!



Like the mythical Medusa herself you can stop people in their tracks with this eye-turning eyeliner! With its hypnotising gold and luminescent green pigment with an emerald shift, you’ll have everyone under your spell.



Last,  but certainly not least! A slick, rainbow duochrome with iridescent colours mimicking an oil spill that shifts and changes in the light. Don't worry- no actual oil spills here! Try pairing this with our Chroma Flakes in Galactica.





These highly pigmented liquid liners are a must-have for your makeup collection and all in time for festival season! Metallica is still one of the Top Makeup Trends for 2023 and you can still get ahead of the curve by grabbing yourself one of these baddies NOW! What are you waiting for?! You can get the Chroma Fliks individually for £12 or as a bundle for £80 here. Run, don’t walk!

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By Erin O'Neill


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