Hey Glisteners! It's time to embrace a world of enchanting hues and dazzling transformations as we introduce our latest creation – Chroma Gloss! Get ready to elevate your lip game to a whole new dimension.

Picture this: a lip gloss that doesn't just sparkle but undergoes a mesmerising colour shift. Chroma Gloss is not your ordinary gloss; it's a magical infusion of multichrome wonders.

We're launching Chroma Gloss in eight stunning shades

Stella - Pink/Blue Shift

Vega - Green/Gold Shift

Atlas - Blue/Purple Shift

Nova - Pink/Gold Shift

Maia - Purple/Gold Shift

Luna - Light Pink/Gold/Green Shift

Aurora - Pink/Blue/Purple Shift

Electra - Purple/Green shift

Why Chroma Gloss? Because Your Lips Deserve Magic!

Pigmentation Like Never Before: Chroma Gloss delivers intense pigmentation, ensuring that your lips steal the spotlight.

Super Smooth Texture: Glide it on effortlessly for a silky-smooth feel!

Multichrome: Watch as the colours shift, creating a one-of-a-kind look!


Chroma Gloss will be available for individual purchase or as a full bundle! Get ready to unleash the magic of Chroma Gloss!

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By Anya Parry Valeron

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