Our Influencer of the Month is not only an editorial makeup marvel, but also Glisten’s very own Talent Coordinator and Influencer and Campaign Coordinator! As we celebrate the very special women in our life throughout March for IWD, it’s only right we celebrate this multifaceted talent and very first employee of Glisten Cosmetics! A force to be reckoned with, UK Creator Holly Aldous is famous for her close-up content and being the macro-queen, creating outstanding content that is a feast for the eyes and nabbing campaigns for beauty giants Urban Decay and Benefit. It was about time we put her in the hot seat and we could not be more excited to bring you this extended Q&A with the myth, the legend, @hollifer.

Erin: What do you want the world to know about you?

Holly: Oh gosh, um... this is difficult! I promise that if you ever see me in the wild I'm really not as grumpy as I look, that's just how my face is.

What is your star sign?

Capricorn! I know absolutely nothing about star signs so that's all the info I've got for ya!

Run us through a typical day for @hollifer!

Wake up, walk my dog, Millie, have breakfast, and then sit in front of my desk for most of the day tippy-tapping away, responding to emails! In the evenings or weekends is when I create my own content!

How do you take your coffee?

I like an oat milk latte or a mocha, but to be honest my first choice would probably be a peach iced tea rather than coffee!

You recently worked with Urban Decay on a successful product launch, what is it that you enjoy about working with other brands?

I did! I really like testing new products and getting creative with them ~ often brands may give you a brief that'll push you slightly out of your comfort zone. which can be *ahhh* but it's always good to push your creative boundaries and do something new!

How did you start working for Glisten Cosmetics?

I started off as one of Glisten's first customers - back when it was all glitter! That's how Natalie and I met, plus we started our business and creator journeys at the same time! I've basically never let Natalie shake me off and she hired me once I finished uni in 2021! Trivia: I was the 3rd Creator to ever have a Glisten code!

And what’s your favourite thing about working for Glisten Cosmetics?

Working for Glisten isn't something I really 'announce' to people you either know or you don't... so one of my favourite things is going to events as 'hollifer' and making notes of the creators I think we should work with! is that cheeky haha? But also organising influencer campaigns is one of my faves! Love giving creators a brief and seeing what they come back with.

You’re a busy lady! How do you manage to find time to create content amongst managing so many other talented creatives?

I always try to make time to create something to post to IG at least once a week! I don't get to create as much as I'd like, I should put aside more time!

What inspires you as a Content Creator?

Textures! I really like my looks to have some sort of texture to them so I'm always on the hunt for things I can stick to my eye!

Is there a particular type of camera you use for capturing your infamous close-up content?

I've changed cameras a lot over the years, but the one thing that stays consistent is that for my macro videos instead of buying an expensive lens I just attach zoom filters to the front!

What has been your favourite career moment?

The Fairy Freak palette was a highlight for me as Ria is one of my best friends. It was lovely seeing them succeed and getting to be part of the creative process!

Do you have any secret talents we should know about?

I have bizarrely good spatial awareness, making me a wizard at Tetris.

Do you have an OG Glisten Product that you just can't live without?

So, I've had a good think about this and if I lost my whole Glisten collection (which is big by the way) and had to repurchase my favourites, I'd get the Full Brush Set and the OG Pastel and Neon Wet Liner Bundles... and then I'd go broke buying all the others as well!

A non-Glisten product?

Ooh okay! Any iridescent loose pigment! I really like Sugarpills Ghosted pigment and The Pastel Roses cosmic candy!

And what’s a Glisten product you think that people are sleeping on?

I'd love to see more people trying out our new product lines like the Spectra Paints! They're so versatile, but my favourite way to use them is as eyeshadow bases!

Lastly, we are dying to know, what is your go-to pizza topping?

Takeaway pizza - plain cheese or pepperoni. Frozen pizza - all the veggies, but no mushroom, yuck!

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By Erin O’Neill

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