Taking the world by storm, our brand new range of cosmetics, Spectra Paints have been amplifying and influencing looks all across the internet. In this how-to we go over the basics, showing you how to get the most out of your product, along with some creative inspiration from some incredible influencers highlighting the many ways Spectra Paints can be used in your makeup routine!


If you haven’t already heard, Spectra Paints are mixable, multi-use paints, meaning you can create any shade your heart desires, they are completely blendable so a little really goes a long way! And the best part of all? Glisten Cosmetics’ Spectra Paints are fully waterproof! 



Just as easy as it is to apply our Wet Liners, we’ve kept things nice and simple with our Spectra Paints. Simply squeeze a small amount of your selected colour (remember a little goes a long way!) and apply using one of our beautifully designed brushes. Or your fingers if ya’ nasty!



The best part about this product is its versatility. The possibilities are endless! You can use Spectra Paints as a pigment, a full coverage base, or blend it out for lighter coverage. It can be used as blush, lip colour, or hey, if you need to paint your whole face, you can do that too! From graphic liner to SFX, Spectra Paints has you covered- literally, if you want. You’ll just need an oil-based cleanser to remove it. Simple!



Here’s our girl, Chim (@callmechim) creating her own colour blends and doing a full face of gorge makeup to give you an idea of how you can use your Spectra Paints for an entire look at home!


Now here is ultra-babe Sonika (@xsonika) giving us the deets on how to accomplish an amazing lip combo with our Spectra Paints in Rouge and Rose Pink. You can see how she achieved her epic eyeliner with Spectra Paints right here!



Spectra Paints are a fun and easy way to add colour to any look and they have STAYING POWER! Don’t just believe the hype, go ahead and grab yourself a tube of Spectra Paint now and get to mixing up your look for 2023! We have ten different cosmetic paints available for £9 each as well as five different bundles, including a Black & White, Primary and CMY Bundle!

Why not try teaming your Spectra look with our range of Spectra Lash mascaras? You can find tons more inspiration over on our Instagram and TikTok, plus we we have lots of content each week at the Glisten Up! blog to keep you in the loop.

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By Erin  O’Neill

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I would like to ask if your:coloured paints can be worn in the water line. I am a middle aged lady( 55 yrs in May don’t tell anyone) I have always loved makeup although in my early 20’s to middle 30’s i did not wear it a lot due to my situation.
I discovered my love for make again about 6 years ago and started a YouTube channel
PInkpoodle2 ( it was my way of making contact with other people) it’s just a small channel with 1134 subscribers , I do alternative unboxing of monthly subscriptions and Makeup. I would love it if you could pop on over to watch a video. I love make up as I can hide the fact I suffer with chronic illness. It’s become my armour against the world. I also have shocking pink hair and I am interested I using your wet liners for my eyebrows as I like having pink eyebrows.
Thank you for your time . Sorry for long question only I spend 95% of my time time in doors and as I mentioned I have chornic illness with anxiety so I don’t see many people.
I would love to become a VIP member
Many thanks
Jean Sayce aka PInkpoodle2

Jean Sayce aka PInkpoodle2 on May 10, 2023

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