Hey Glisteners! We've got exciting new products coming your way...

Introducing Spectra Base & Spectra Brow!

Spectra Base

Spectra Base is our BRAND NEW colourful foundation! With 10 shades coming out, there's a colour for every look!

With a soft satin finish, Spectra Base offers medium but buildable coverage.

It’s soft, lightweight and water-resistant formula blends into the skin without feeling heavy or cakey for comfortable wear throughout the day.

Includes: Orange, Green, Yellow, Dark Blue, Pink, Red, Black, Blue, White & Purple

These shades are available to buy individually or in a full bundle!

Spectra Brow

Spectra Brow is our new richly pigmented eyebrow creams! We have 11 shades, so there is something for everyone!

Our Spectra Brow is designed to transform any look with a burst of colour, for those who love to stand out from the crowd.

It’s creamy, blendable texture allows for smooth application and a seamless finish.

With a buildable formula it’s super easy to transition from a softer tint to bold dramatic colour with just a few strokes!


Includes: Chilli, Chestnut, Butterscotch, Flamingo, Stormy, Frozen, Aquamarine, Mauve, Sand & Ink

These shades are available to buy individually or in a full bundle!



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By Anya Parry Valeron & Emma Wharmby

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