Hey there, Glisteners! Buckle up for round 1.8! Get ready to be wowed as we unveil the fabulous creations you've been brewing up. You've snagged the front-row seats to witness these and here's a little heads-up: they are nothing short of fabulous!



Be dazzled by the sheer artistry of @eyes.sx! Behold their latest masterpiece—a stunning dotted mask creation using Cherryade Wet Liner. Trust us, this look is serving up some serious vibes! 


Sticking with the mask vibe... @stylingbymelina just pulled off the ultimate optical illusion using Wet Liners in Citrus and Cola. Prepare to have your mind blown and your colour cravings satisfied because, seriously, the colours in this look are vibrant!





@charlie.s.mkps just summoned a dose of enchantment with our Bewitch Liner, crafting a look that's straight out of a shimmering fairy tale! Who says makeup can't be downright enchanting?



@granolamakeup just blossomed into a flower queen with the cutest concoction of Wet Liners in Blueberry and Strawberry! We love matching earrings to our looks! 




Prepare for lift-off because @bylaurajne just beamed us into another galaxy with this creation! Using White, Cyan, Royal Blue, and Black Spectra Paints, they crafted a celestial masterpiece!




​​@ft.monalissa just took us on a journey to the outer realms with our Wet Liner Bubblegum! This look is so cosmic, get ready to orbit the runway of intergalactic glamour!





Hold the glitter phone!  @strawbiemilkbby just sprinkled some Stardust Chroma Flakes, creating a look so subtly fabulous, it's practically a low-key masterpiece we can't stop swooning over! 






Hold onto your fairy wings! @faerie.skye just waved their magic wand with Wet Liners Plum, Heather, and Shades, conjuring up a fabulous winged liner look! Flutter into a world of elegance because this look is like a fairy-tale come to life!





Brace yourselves for a burst of Pride magic! @ghazalfa just turned the canvas into a playground of colours using our incredible Pride Liner, crafting an abstract masterpiece!




@antoinette.mua, channeling their inner Little Mermaid, crowns their look with our Peacock Chroma Flik! It adds a splash of magic that Ariel would totally approve of! 




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 By Anya Parry Valeron






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