Welcome to the next installment of our exciting color comparison blogs! Today, we are diving into the world of oranges. Get ready to explore a spectrum of orange shades and find the perfect one for you! This guide will assist you in selecting the ideal orange hue that matches your preferences. Let's dive in!

Carrot Cake

Introducing the Carrot Cake Wet Liner! This fab split liner, adored by the lovely @maytahmi, is an absolute must-have for your makeup collection. We can't get enough of the butterfly effect she's created with it! Carrot Cake is made up of the colours Chai and Papaya!




Let's dive into the neon world of Orangeade! @supposed.too have used the UV Orangeade as well as  Sapphire to create this stunning masterpiece. We can't help but admire the contrasting colours that make it pop! 



Get ready to have some fruity fun because our Papaya liner is as juicy as the real deal! It's the perfect way to add a pop of fabulous to your makeup routine. And speaking of fabulous, have you seen what @maytahmi has created? 

Traffic Cone

Another addition to the neon bundle is Traffic Cone! This UV colour is a must-have! @noelleplay knows how to turn heads and make a statement, trust us, it's the brightest orange you'll ever see!


Peach Melba

Part of our UV split liner bundle, Peach Melba is used by @daisysartistryy to create an easy yet creative look! You can also get Peach Melba in separate shades- Orangeade and Peach



Peachy Cream

Add a touch of sweetness using Peachy Cream! Its mix of Orangeade and Milk makes it the perfect colour combo. @santacrease knows exactly how to make it pop! 


This split liner is perfect for a splash of summertime fun! Tropical will add a pop of colour to your makeup look, just like @kehindes_korner! These shades are exclusive to this split liner- so get yours now!


Rose Quartz

Get ready to shine with the Pearl bundle because we've got something truly dazzling for you - the Rose Quartz shade! The wonderful @poppyellah has used this liner in her creative look! Get Rose Quartz and add a touch of shine!



This gold duochrome colour is stunning! You must have this in your makeup routine, trust me! The gorgeous @moxxiinspace effortlessly incorporates Collins in her look- we love the way she pairs it with pink!



Mimosa is part of our Shimmer bundle and boy does it shimmer! @aaronsmakeup has created a beautiful rainbow look, we love how she has used it in her waterline! They also use the shades Aqua, Banoffee, and Mars to complete this stunning look!


Chai, our delightful peach orange colour, is here to add a splash of excitement! The talented @raincornelius knows exactly how to work their magic with this colour, creating a mesmerising blended rainbow effect that will leave you in awe! 


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By Anya Parry Valeron

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