Welcome to the fabulous colour comparison blog! We're taking a plunge into the realm of purple! Get ready as we explore purple shades and help you find the one that speaks to your soul! This guide will help you find the perfect purple hue that matches your unique preferences. So, let's dive headfirst into this exciting purple extravaganza!


Introducing the fabulous @kehindes_korner, who is rocking our UV split liner Grapevine! This liner is an absolute must-have in your makeup collection! It's a classic that can be worn casually or to shine bright like a star in the club! Grapevine is made up of the shades Grape and Grapeade.


Wine time

Get ready to raise a glass because Wine Time is here, our marvellous matte purple Split Liner! @julia_in_colours took inspiration from the iconic Taylor Swift and used Wine Time, along with Evergreen, Grapevine, Plum, and Tammy, to create a look that is absolutely fabulous!



Behold the enchanting Amethyst, a stunning metallic lilac purple liner that will make your eyes sparkle! If you're craving a touch of subtle shimmer to elevate your look, this is the perfect colour for you! Look how @hollifer has used it!



Be dazzled by the breathtaking Curacao, a purple duochrome shade that will leave you speechless! This stunning hue, flawlessly applied by the talented @aaronsmakeup, is a masterpiece that will take your makeup game to the next level!



Get ready to fall head over heels for Fig, our matte dark purple shade that is simply beautiful! The talented @indiarose_makeup knows how to work her magic, using Fig along with our vibrant Wet Liner Turquoise to create a look with this fun with this dynamic duo of shades!




Get ready to shine with Grapeade, our fabulous UV purple shade that will inject a burst of neon into your look! Whether you're hitting the dance floor or just want to stand out from the crowd, this shade of Wet Liner is your go-to for a vibrant pop! Just take a look at how the incredible @ecaterinaxinia rocks it!



The fabulous matte purple Wet Line, Heather, will make your eyes pop! This stunning shade,  used by the talented @saarturnus, is an absolute showstopper! But wait, there's more! They also rocked the Medusa Chroma Flik and Purple Spectra Lash, adding an extra dose of glamor to their butterfly look! 



Get ready to be amazed by the incredible Mulberry shade! This shimmering purple is absolutely fantastic, and the talented @bbaldhi used it to create these jaw-dropping patterns, along with Double Denim, Sapphire, Seltzer, Blueberry, and Milk! This dark purple shimmer is an absolute must-have to add a touch of magic to your makeup collection!



Fall head over heels for Plum, a gorgeous dusty purple colour used by the fabulous @meyloetta! Plum is the perfect shade to add a delightful touch to your makeup looks, no matter the season. It's versatile, fun, and can effortlessly complete any makeup masterpiece!



Dive into the depths of fabulousness with Aubergine, the deepest and most mesmerising shade of purple you can find! The talented user @dahliacreates knew exactly how to make a statement with this shade, pairing it flawlessly with Mojito Wet Liners to create a stunning look!



Introducing Grape, our delightful pastel UV shade! @raincornelius has effortlessly incorporated Grapeade to create a stunning look. And guess what? You can find these charming colours in our Grapevine Split Liner too!



Check out @breadisart rocking this fabulous look with Ametrine! This metallic dark purple shade is the perfect finishing touch to elevate any style. So why not add a touch of Ametrine to your makeup collection and let your creativity shine!


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 By Anya Parry Valeron

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