It has been multi-chrome madness since the release of our Chroma Flik liquid eyeliners, so we have put together some superb inspo for you in this week's Top 10. We knew you’d love them, but the response has been bonkers- thank you all so much! Chroma Flik’s are water-resistant, lightweight, durable, and even come with their very own applicator.



Kicking things off we have the ever-stunning @xsonika using our Chroma Flik’s in this glamorous party look. We’re OBSESSED with Chroma Flik dots! They look like gems but without the glue and faff! Too cute!


Use our Chroma Flik’s on top of black to really make the colour pop! You really get to see all of the vivid colours of Deep Sea, Medusa, Beetle, Oil Spill, Cyclops and Peacock in @hollifer’s captivating, close-up shot.


@loisxmaya radiates beauty in this slick look using luminescent liners, Oil Spill and Jellyfish. The way the colours move in our Chroma Flik’s never get old and the colour pay off speaks for itself. 


@maytahmi keeps the empowering, foundation-free looks coming with this drop-dead gorgeous graphic liner using Peacock, Oil Spill and Medusa. Look at those amazing colour shifts!


Out of this world Creator, @indiarose_makeup uses Oil Spill and Beetle in this planetary-inspired makeup. Is that why she is so good at makeup? There’s something extra-terrestrial going on?


@jjennamakeup said our Chroma Fliks in Oil Spill and Frosting had her in a chokehold. Well, she has us gagged with this sparkly, liquid-gold duochrome look. The gold in the brow and that Rose Red Spectra Mascara on the bottom lash? Stop iiit!


Is there anything more glorious than a sunset, multi-chrome liner? We cannot get over Beetle's colour shifts. Not to mention the crisp spikes @meyloetta made with her insane, precision liner skillz!


Next up, we have another satisfying spacey look. Just using Oil Spill, @glamsden takes us on a cosmic journey, giving us Milkyway realness with the shapes she has created. Plus, we stan an undereye-liner for life!


Looking like a straight-up magical firework display, @alexajdmakeup brings us this feast for the eyes using eyeliners Beetle, Medusa, Cyclops, and Deep Sea for the gemstone details. Ultra-glam!


This multichrome makeup by @noelleplay was so mesmerising, we just had to make a GIF! Created by using our Chroma Fliks in Cyclops, Beetle, Medusa and Jellyfish; if this doesn’t convince you these are the best duo-chrome liners about, we’re not sure what will…


Our Chroma Flik's have been selling like hotcakes so get yours whilst you can at our shop! Get one (or the entire collection) of these eye-catching liquid liners and start creating your very own majestic looks at home now. You can also subscribe below to keep up to date on item restocks so you never have to miss out on your fave again.

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By Erin O'Neill

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