So long, pumpkin spice; it's time to jingle all the way! As the last leaf falls and the sleigh bells ring, we're ditching the autumnal vibes and diving headfirst into the winter wonder we've all been waiting for! Grab your elf hats and cozy socks because we're about to unveil the top festive Liners to make your Christmas magical!


Hold on to your candy canes! @indiarose_makeup is bringing the festive heat with Evergreen! Evergreen is our deep green matte shade and it looks so good that it should be on the top of everyone's wish list. Santa, take notes! Who needs mistletoe when you've got Evergreen stealing the show?


Move over, Rudolph! This red is so bold; even Santa will want it in his kit. @dahliacreates is sleighing the game with a holly jolly look using the fabulousness of Inferno, our shimmer red, plus a dash of Vegas, a Moss, and Coke Float. Time to slay bells and sparkle all the way!


Hold on to your jingle bells because Copper is about to sleigh the game!  This metallic shade is so festive and @raincornelius is turning up the holiday heat with Copper, Rose Quartz, Rust, and a sprinkle of Collins—because who says your eyeliner can't have a little holiday spirit, right? 


Hold onto your tinsel! Chameleon is here to make your eyes shine! @glamsden is spreading the Christmas magic by rocking this duochrome green shade, paired with our Green Spectra Lash – because, let's be real, regular lashes are so last season! Get ready to be the talk of the town with a look that even Santa would trade his milk and cookies for! 


@anjieluvsyou is coming to town with a look that's shinier than Santa's sleigh on a moonlit night! Vegas, our metallic gold shade, brings more shimmer than tinsel, and it won't shed all over your carpet. Talk about a Christmas miracle! Get ready to shine so bright, you'll give Rudolph's nose a run for its twinkle! 


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 By Anya Parry Valeron

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