Since the beginning of Glisten Cosmetics, Wendy Asumadu has been a part of our world and this month she lets us delve into hers with our Influencer of the Month Q&A! 

Wendy is a Creative based in London who specialises in makeup artistry, content creation and consultancy and is known for pushing the boundaries with her bold, colourful work and abstract approaches to makeup. Wendy catches us up on projects past and present and we find out what is next for this established and passionate entrepreneur.




What do you want the world to know about Wendy’s world?

Wendy's World is about having fun with creativity. There's no limits, no rules. Wendy's World isn't just about makeup, it's about expressing yourself in any way whether that's through art, makeup, ranting. It's about community. 

...and what’s your star sign?


You went to Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity with Pinterest this year, congratulations. Can you tell us more about that experience? 

Honestly, it was the most amazing experience. I think as a very driven creator, sometimes you forget to sit back and take in the opportunities and things you have achieved so for once, I really took in that moment. I was surrounded by so much love and support for what I do. Like the visitors were so excited to get their makeup done by me, it was such a beautiful feeling. 



As a creative in not only makeup artistry and content creation, what keeps you inspired? 

Fine art, family, friends, patterns and colour. Gosh I love patterns haha!

You founded EditorialBLK which aims to create visibility and opportunity for black creators. What have been some of the key moments for you since starting this project? 

I didn't realise how much EditorialBLK meant to so many black creators. Having a platform that black creators feel supported and safe in is so vital. Some creators told me that if it wasn't for the platform, they would have given up so I knew from then I could never give it up. Being able to get Black creators paid work is the most important thing for me. Bridging the gap across all creators is so important and all I wish for is more consistency and opportunities so I can support Black creators as much as I can.

Wendy, you’ve worked with Benefit, MAC, Gucci, Meta, the list goes on and on! Where do you have your sights set next? 

Ahh, that's a good one!! Can't lie I'm still waiting for Crocs to notice me ha! 

Any tips for any ambitious Creatives out there? 

Do what you want to do and don't lose sight of what makes you, you. I know right now following trends is usually how you grow now but, in my honest opinion, that will eventually die out and to keep being seen, you need to stand out. So, do you no matter what.



Do you have an OG Glisten Product that you just can't live without?

I've been using Wet Liners since I pretty much started this thing. I take them everywhere with me and use them in the majority of my looks.

How about a non-Glisten product? 

A clear lip gloss. My life wouldn't be complete without it. 

And finally, what is your go-to pizza topping?

Pepperoni probably.



From solid advice to solid pizza toppings, Wendy is a class act from head to toe. We related too hard to the Crocs comment and cannot thank her enough for doing this deep dive with us. If you want to keep up to date with Wendy and the amazing work she does, you can follow her @wendysworld_xox or check out her impressive portfolio by visiting her website here. You can also keep up to date with her project EditorialBLK on Instagram @editorialblk.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for regular content and product updates. You never know, maybe there’s a sneaky collab coming with Wendy herself…Watch this space!



By Erin O'Neill

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