Eek! We all love a new product release don’t we?

That’s right, we have a completely brand new product from Glisten to bring you beauties. With MUA’s and SFX artists using more and more of our products on set and in their projects, we have come up with something special- Spectra Paints! Ten bold, blendable and mixable shades of cosmetic paints that can be used as a pigment, base, blush, lip colour or if the look calls for you to paint your entire face, you can do that too!

With an entire spectrum of colours to choose from the potential with our new Spectra Paints is infinite and as these products are oil based they are completely waterproof, making them also super wearable. These are ideal for anyone working in special effects, simply looking for more durable wear or for our Juno Birch’s out there.

There are no rules to makeup, so anyone can of course purchase these paints! All you have to remember with this new line are these three things:

✨Mixable - meaning you can create any shade you desire!

✨Waterproof - they can be removed with an oil based cleanser.

✨Blendable - you can blend the colour easily, so a little goes a long way!


Each Spectra Paint comes in a 12ml tube priced at £9 and we have four bundles available for as little as £15, including a Primary and Secondary bundle, or you can get your hands on all ten tubes now here and start creating!

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By Erin O’Neill

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