At Glisten HQ we are infamous for colourful cosmetics and have never shied away from the vivid brights or UV neons- we have an entire collection in fact! We are so obsessed with the neon-wave taking over our feed we have compiled our Top 10 Neon Looks you just have to try!

10. uses our Pride Liner palette which has 11 shades, including 8 UV colours, to create this neon punch triple liner look. All profits from this palette go directly to our current dedicated charity Gendered Intelligence.


We adore the 3D effect of this radiant disco look using our UV Wet Liner in Grape, created by the ever-ethereal @babe.of.moss. Perfect for a night out, or in, no judgement here!


How adorable is this sunshine ray makeup by @noelleplay using our neon yellow, UV Wet Liner in Lemonade? You can get this liner by itself or in our Warm UV Circle Split Palette!


Nerds might be one of our favourite Split Liners ever. Shimmery pink one side and fluorescent green the other. Just look how it dances off @hollifer’s skin in this futuristic graphic liner look.


@roni4444ka shows us how to use neon in a subtle way to pump up your looks using colours, Limeade and Orangeade in this cute floral look. See our Instagram post here for more inspiration on some simple neon looks!


@beautibean always brings it to the next level with their looks and this neon look using our liners and finished with our Chroma Flakes in Snow is no different. Try recreating with our Pastel UV Circle Split palette!


Legend, @naezrahlooks creates this epic neon-warrior makeup using the Maytahmi Palette. Why not use our Neon UV Circle Split with the limited-edition Maytahmi Brush Set to re-create this neon look at home!


Back at it again with precision placement, @indiarose_makeup uses UV pink, Strawberry, UV Orange, Traffic Cone and Teapot to create this glowing neon-aura eyeliner that we are desperate to try out!


@alexajdmakeup uses Spectra Paints in Cyan and Orange to create this beautiful, vibrant makeup for International Women’s Day. We love the use of Blue Lagoon and our Orange Red Spectra Lash mascara to finish the look.


@wendysworld_xox turns it out in this brilliant, abstract makeup using her very own Artists’ Palette! Using an array of neon shades she creates this bold shape and the striking colour way that had to take our top spot.


Which looks will you be recreating at home? We have a few in mind for ourselves. Tag us in your looks over on Instagram and TikTok now! Plus, subscribe below for more content, regular product updates and exciting releases! 

By Erin O’Neill

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