We’ve sifted through all of the latest fashion edits and runways to bring you our ultimate Spring makeup shades for 2023. We say bye-bye to boring weather and say a big hello to dopamine dressing, playful pinks, and dusty pastels. Whether you’re rocking all-black monochrome or are a maximal-clash-queen, you simply can’t go wrong with this list.



Add a touch of sass and drama to your look this Spring with Periwinkle. This stunning blue, matte Wet Liner will have you looking and feeling bloomin' gorgeous, just like @alexajdmakeup, who uses liners Periwinkle, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Gateau in this retro look.


A haze is falling upon the land and it is lavender, baby. Get yourself involved now with our dusty purple matte liner, Plum- the perfect fit for this haze-craze! Make your own standout statement like @garancemurru and pair it with our dusty mint liner, Menthe.



This ultra-cute, mellow-yellow Split Liner is your makeup must-have this season. Add a pop of sunshine to your style with Delight just like Creator @aoifeartist in this 60s-inspired makeup for a fresh, youthful look. 


Pink continues to rule the runways and as our favourite colour, we couldn’t be more thrilled. 2023 is about exploring the entire pink rainbow and Peppa is your starting point. @visiblejune shows us all how it’s done in this all-pink look.  

Key Lime

Would you like lime with that? Yes, please! This citrusy colour is taking over the catwalk and whether it’s just a pop or a full graphic look like @fairy.freak, you need to get a piece of the pie with our Wet Liner, Key Lime.  


Make a statement this Spring with a bold and sexy look courtesy of Lobster, our never-out-of-fashion red wet liner! Sexy never goes out of fashion, people. And red is sexy. Rock the red like pro @indiarose_makeup in this bold, editorial look.


And if all else fails- shiny, shiny, shiny! We have an entire Chroma Collection that will keep your serotonin levels skyrocketing for days! 


What would be in your ultimate spring collection? Comment below!

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By Erin O’Neill


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