Taylor Swift Era

Get ready to channel your inner Taylor Swift with these album-inspired looks that will make your heart sing, just like your fave T-Swift tunes!

@mua.anda accomplished this look with the help of our fabulous Wet Liners in Coke Float, Banana Split, and Peach Melba. Quack, and our stunning Time Warp palette were used by @rsiereilly to create styles that capture the essence of Taylor's music. Let your beauty be 'Our Song' that everyone can't stop singing! You could also grab our Wet Liner in Aluminium, and our dreamy Glis Gloss in Dream catcher!

Fearless Era

Oh-my-Swifties! Embrace the Fearless Era with these two stunning looks created by @siccmakeup and @face_byshauny. We can't get enough of how the gold colours effortlessly flows, adding a touch of glamour fit for a Taylor Swift fairytale! These fabulous looks were brought to life using our Wet Liners in Jewel and Milk, creating a dazzling combination that even Taylor would envy!

But wait, there's more sparkle coming your way! Our Oil Spill Chroma Flik will have your eyes glistening like a starry night, captivating everyone around you! For the ultimate Fearless vibe, we recommend pairing them with our Blonde Spectra Lash and Vegas Wet Liner to make YOUR day a fairytale! 

Speak Now Era

Immerse yourself in a world of purple perfection with the release of Speak Now (TV)! We can't get enough of these two ‘enchanted’ looks by @geraldinejaqui and @vict0r.vazquez , showing the true magic of our Artist Palettes, Violet Spectra Paint, Time Warp palette, and our Aubergine Wet Liner.
For that extra touch of Speak Now charm, get the game changing Nebula Chroma Flakes to achieve the perfect look. Make 'Sparks Fly' when you walk into the room!


Oh, darling, we can feel the ‘RED’ vibes flowing through our veins thanks to @hollifer and @katiekmakeupxc! We know these products… ‘All Too Well’ and they'll have you feeling like the queen of heartbreak anthems! 

With our Orange Red Spectra Lash, Flame Chroma Flakes, and our Lobster Wet Liner,  you'll be causing a 'State of Grace' wherever you go, turning heads left and right! But wait, there's more ‘RED’ magic coming your way! For an extra dose of Taylor-approved fierceness, try using our Roulette Wet Liner and the irresistible Cherry bomb Glis Gloss.

 1989 Era

Embrace the fabulous 1989 Era with these incredible looks that will make you feel like a true trendsetter, just like Taylor Swift herself!! Our Wet Liners in Fuchsia, Grape, Citrus, and Blueberry, along with the Split Liners in Carrot Cake and Coke Float, were used by @ladylilac_shyne and @makeupstef to create these stunning styles that will have you feeling like a pop sensation!

For an extra touch of magic, we’re introducing you to our Shape Shifter Highlighter palette, Juicy Tint in the shade Apple, and Antique Wet Liner. With these products, you'll ‘never go out of style'!

Reputation Era

Are you… ‘Ready For It?’ Get ready to show off these stunning Reputation looks made by @hollifer and @emilyfudgemua that will transport you to the Eras tour!
These looks are complete showstoppers, featuring our mesmerising Peacock Chroma Flik, Shape Shifter Palette, and Apple Wet Liner.
Whether you're walking down the street or strutting on stage, you'll be the talk of the town, and people will be saying, "Look What You Made Me Do" – you made them fall in love with your incredible style! And if you're looking for even more, our Oil Spill Chroma Flik and Lantern Split Liner will have everyone saying "Gorgeous" when they see you! 

Lover Era

The Lover Era is next and we couldn't be more excited! There were so many looks we couldn't choose our favourite! These looks were created by @anita.does.makeup and @rebeccas_glam using our Wet Liners in Flamingo, Blueberry, Green Tea, Solar, Chai, Strawberry, and Grape. We are head over heels for these liners! We're talking marrying-them-with-'paper-rings' kind of love, that's how obsessed we are!
We also think our Pastel Wet Liner bundle would be perfect for the Eras Tour, along with Candy Chroma Flakes and a Fuchsia Spectra Lash! With these looks, you'll be the centre of attention, and people will be saying, "You Need to Calm Down" because your beauty is so mesmerising.

Folklore Era

The Folklore Era is next and we love the simplistic yet gorgeous looks @mischmasch_ and @jjennamakeup have created!
Picture this: Blonde Spectra Lash, Vintage Rose, and Milk Wet Liners working their magic to create the most delightful appearance! Whether you're dancing to 'Betty' or 'August', these looks will have everyone totally enchanted by your appearance! If you want to mesmerise people even more, try using our Rylie Lashes and Moon Rock Wet Liner! So rock up to the show in these Liners and your favourite ‘cardigan’ and be the star of the show!

Evermore Era

Oh, honey, we want these looks to last for ‘Evermore’! These fabulous rustic looks were created by @celine_bernaerts and @raincornelius using our Wet Liners, Tortoiseshell, Dusty, Coffee cup, Cola, and the shade Gateau in our Rainbow Split 15 pan palette.

With this beauty gem, you'll have all the shades you need to tell your own makeup story, just like Taylor tells her stories through her Evermore album. Imagine stepping into a mystical forest, swaying to the rhythm of Taylor's melodies, and looking absolutely mesmerising with these rustic-inspired liners!

To take these fabulous looks to the next level, we've got the perfect additions for you. Use our new Dark brown Spectra Lash, because who doesn't want lashes that are as swoon-worthy as Taylor's lyrics?  And to add a little gold, get our Gold rush Chroma Flakes- totally fitting, right?

So, let your creativity bloom like wildflowers in the woods, and embrace the Evermore vibes with these simplistic yet stunning looks! 

Midnights Era

Gather 'round, it's the 'Midnights' Era, and we're ready to light up the night sky with these bejewelled looks! You can bet your lucky stars that we're making the whole place shimmer!
These ‘mastermind’ looks were created by @deerestdiary.makeup and @glamsden using our Pride Liner, and of course, our Time Warp Palette adds a touch of magic, taking us on a journey through the midnight hours! But wait, there's a star-studded secret for an extra dose of midnight– our Midnight Liner, obviously! It's like ‘charting the constellations on your eyes’!
So, my midnight-loving darlings, breathe in the dreamy vibes, let your beauty radiate like the stars above, embrace the ‘lavender haze’, and With these looks, you'll be the center of the universe.  

By Anya Parry Valeron

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