About us


Natalie here 👋 I'm the founder and owner of Glisten Cosmetics. We're a small family (and friend) run brand from the UK! I started the brand in 2017 as a bit of a side business, as my main job (teaching) didn't cover the bills! 💸

I started selling glitter as it was something I could easily do at home. In 2018 I had my daughter, and was off work so decided to bring out my first eyeshadow palette. I designed it, tested colours and formulas, sampled it and then it was produced! Disco Dynamite 🧨 was released, this was the first step of Glisten being more than a glitter company. 

Roll onto 2020 and Wet Liners were born and the rest is history!

We released the Split Liners end of 2020 and I went full time with Glisten. Having a range of colourful, inclusive products that are affordable for any budget is something close to my heart! 🌈

Customer service is key, and I pride myself in making sure everyone receives a product they love - I really hope you enjoy standing out as much a I do! 

Natalie ✨