We're excited to present our Black Friday Staff Picks, where we'll showcase the products our staff members would choose for their own Black Friday purchases! Get ready for some awesome recommendations straight from our team!

Natalie - Founder & Director

"Ooo I'd have to pick a Shape Shifter and a Peony Blooming Blush, definitely! I think the light pink on my inner eye and a pink shimmer are a match made in heaven! Especially with the discounts, you can get a blush for £7.80 and the Shape Shifter Palette for £20.80!"

Heather - Office Manager

"To give my eyes a nice pop, I'd pick Royal Blue Spectra Lash and a Wet Liner in the shade 'Heather' (obviously). I think I'd also pick a Glis Gloss, maybe Glitter Lip because that one just looks fabulous! I tried Terracotta Pots Blooming Blush and that looked so nice on my skin tone so I would definitely buy that shade."

Alex - Customer Service 

"There's so many I would pick but the Purple Spectra Lash on green eyes makes your eye colour pop so much! And if you want a subtle look, the purple over black mascara still looks banging. I'd also pick the Candy Chroma Flakes because I just love them and I'm obsessed."

Kumala - Office/Warehouse Assistant

"In the Black Friday sales, I would definitely pick a Terracotta Pots Blooming blush because that shade really compliments my cheeks and skin tone. It's also very long lasting and smooth. I'd also pick Galactica Chroma Flakes because they're just so beautiful. Ooo also a Parfait Glis Gloss, that's a lovely everyday colour."

Emma- Marketing Coordinator

"I'd pick Fairy Chroma Flakes because they're just pretty and add a little bit of sparkle! I'd also definitely pick a 15 pan palette. If you get all splits in your palette you can get 30 colours, and that means, more colours, more fun looks! I would have to have a row of duo-chromes because that's just how it should be. I would pick Sweetie, Waves, Chameleon - they defo need to be in there. Ooo also a blush! More people need to try these! Lava Lamp and Punch Bowl together are so cute!"

 Anya - Marketing Apprentice

"I would defo choose a Wet Liner bundle, especially while they're 50% off. I would pick Grape, Seltzer, Sulphur and Flamingo... Actually, I'd pick any of them, I love them all! I'd also have to pick a Blooming Blush, I think all the blushes are amazing but if I had to pick one, I'd pick Peach Me as I think this looks the best on my skin tone."

Chrisi - Warehouse Assistant

"I know I'd have to pick Fairy Chroma Flakes, UV IT, and a Peppa wet Liner! I love going to raves so using these makes me look like a pink sparkly rave fairy! With the Black Friday discounts, I can become a rave fairy for just £19.50!"

 Georgie - Warehouse Assistant

"I think I'd definitely pick a Chroma Flake because of the sparkles, hmm which one... I'm going to go for Ethereal, it matches my vibe! I'd also pick 'Parfait' Glis Gloss, I have that one already and it's a gorgeous subtle gloss."

So, there you have it, our Black Friday staff picks! We've laid out a red carpet of choices just for you so these selections can be your trusty sidekick in conquering Black Friday shopping!

By Anya Parry Valeron

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