January has arrived, and Glisteners' favorites are here to kick off the new year! Join us as we spotlight all your beloved products of the month. Following the success of 2023, which brought us fantastic moments with Glisten, we were so impressed with the looks you shared that we've decided to feature some of them in this month's showcase!

10. Maytahmi Brush Set

Maytahmi - Brush Set

Commencing our countdown at the tenth spot is the remarkable Maytahmi Brush Set! This dual-ended brush collection features three brushes – small, medium, and large, each accompanied by a dotting tool on the opposite end. A definite essential for your makeup collection!


9. Purple Spectra Lash

Up at number 9, we've got the fabulous Purple Spectra Lash! Watch as Spectra Lash works its magic, adding a burst of playful colour to your lashes! Check out @delphie_makeup using it along with the Alexa Jennah Palette and Birthday Cake Glis Gloss!


8. Detailed Brush Set

Detailed Liner Brush Set


Sliding into the eighth spot for January's favorites, say hello to our Delightful Detailed Liner Brush Set! Unleash your artistic side with this set of four liner brushes, each with tiny bristles for those extra-detailed looks!

7. Brush Bundle Builder

Full Brush Set

At number 7 we have our amazing Brush Bundle Builder. You can choose a bundle of any of our 22 brushes! Our fave brushes are Brush 4Brush 10Brush F2Brush S3, and Brush B1! Which ones are your fave?


6. Cola Wet Liner


Claiming 6th spot is our iconic Cola Wet Liner. Cola stands as a must-have in any makeup repertoire, a shade that guarantees perfection! Take a look at this makeup transformation using Cola by the fabulous @_chimedolker!

5. Wet Liner Build - A - Bundle

Split Liner UV Bundle - Eyeliner - Glisten Cosmetics

At our number 5, is of course our Wet Liner build-a-bundle! With this you can choose all the shades that your heart desires! We have over 150 shades of liners to choose from!! 

4. Luna Chroma Gloss


At number 4 is none other than our dazzling new addition for 2024 - the Chroma Gloss in the shade Luna! Brace yourself for the magic because our Chroma Glosses are not just lip glosses; they're enchantment in a tube!

3. Maia Chroma Gloss

Now we're spilling the tea on the top 3 Glisten Faves of January 2024, and guess who's stealing the spotlight? None other than our chroma gloss - Maia! Get ready to turn up the gloss and add a sprinkle of magic to your January glam!


2. 6 Pan Palettes

6 Pan Magnetic Palette

 Up at number 2 is our 6 pan palette! The love pouring in for this palette is undeniable, and we totally get it! You can choose up to 12 colours (with split shades), as well as a brush! This palette is perfect for travelling and just for all year round!! 

1. Aurora Chroma Gloss

Finally, claiming the throne at number 1 is none other than Aurora Chroma Gloss! Prepare to be captivated as this lustrous gloss steals the spotlight with its mesmerising allure and undeniable charm.


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  By Anya Parry Valeron

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