Continuing on with our series of colour comparison blogs and in honour of 4/20 and Earth Day, we bring you the long-awaited and sought-after guide to the Greens!

As we work our way through the rainbow we break down our colourful collection in to swatches, looks and product descriptions so you are more than equipped to select your shade. We have thirty three of these luscious green pots and pans to get through, so grab a cuppa and let’s get to it!



First up is our shimmer green Wet Liner Apple. Picture a freshly picked, bejewelled Granny Smith and you’re practically there! @garancemurru incorporates Apple into this adorable squiggle look giving us Bikini Bottom vibes.



Breezer is a part of the Cocktail Collection and just oozes those 2000-2010 nightclub vibes. See how Breezer shifts from gold to green in this dazzling precision look by @raincornelius.



The first Split Liner on our list, Camo combines shades Citrus and Sage in UV- you won’t find Sage in UV anywhere else! Okay, it may not be the best camouflage, but you can see just how gorgeous these colours work together in @meicrosoft’s thorny look.



Packing pigment and serving cartoon cash monies, Cashflow is one of Glisten HQ’s favourite and most vivid greens. This green is bold, honey. Check @sandras.daughter letting the liner do the talking in this simple, but powerful look.



From our latest line of duochromes, Chameleon’s colours shift from a vivid khaki green to hues of blue and is enchanting to watch. See the pearlessence of the green on @raincornelius’ skin, leaving us starry eyed. 



Citrus is for those that don’t shy away from brights. This zesty, yellow-green is way more sweet than sour. With one swipe the colour pay off speaks for itself as we can see from @indiarose_makeup’s crisp liner look.



This matte Wet Liner is an absolute must-have for your collection. Reminiscent of pine trees high up in the mountains, Evergreen is the perfect shade of emerald green. @indiarose_makeup combines it with Mint in this flawless liner look.


Field Day

Now this is your fresh, clean cut grass shade of green. If there was a primary colour green, this would be it! Available in our Basic Bundle, Field Day is one of our top sellers and we can see why in this festive look by @hollifer.


Green Tea

Two pastel shades, this muted light green and turquoise Split Liner makes for delicate greens that can be mixed and blended. @callmechim shows us just how pigmented Green Tea can be in this striking, retro look.



Like the healing crystal, Jade will bring harmony and balance to your makeup kit. This pale, metallic green dances off of the skin whilst remaining highly pigmented. MUA @shanimushington combines Jade and Moss in this fun, glittery look.


Key Lime

Trending as one of our top Spring shades for 2023, Key Lime has to be on the top of your wishlist! Straight up lime green, the dopamine levels are sky-high when using this Wet Liner. Get a piece of the pie like creator @alexajdmakeup!



A part of our Deep Split Bundle, Lantern is split with our best selling black, Cola to enable you to mix your own shades and create epic eyeliner looks like @alexajdmakeup. You can also get this green on its own in the shade Montserrat!



Experience the subtle pop of minty colour with our Leaf Wet Liner- a pale turquoise green that can also be found in the Green Tea Split Liner . It is like a breath of Spring all year round!  This dainty shade makes for funky, fresh looks as seen on @callmechim.



Glistory 101; neons are our bread and butter. We’ve been out here slinging neons since we brought out Wet Liners in 2019! So, if you want the ultimate UV neon green, the OG Limeade is where it’s at, just ask beauty @sweetmutuals.



Our Lizard Wet Liner is the perfect pick-me-up for your peepers. With its small-but-mighty colour payoff, this pastel, citrus green is sure to turn heads just like liner legend, @callmechim! Find it now in our New Pastel Bundle.


Loch Ness

A staple favourite for @indiarose_makeup and all of us at Glisten HQ, Loch Ness is a dark green Wet Liner that offers depth and mystery to your looks. Like mythical, Wee Nessy himself…



How do you make mint fancy? Make it Menthe! The ultimate dusty, creamy mint depicted as none other than handsome Squidward by the incomparable, @dahliacreates. We didn’t even mean to have a Spongebob theme!



All of your underwater fantasies come true, Merbabe is a shimmer green that mimics the tail of your favourite mermaid. A part of our Shimmer Bundle, this is one thingamabob you’ll definitely want to complete your collection.



Mint is another OG and staple of the Glisten Cosmetics brand. This UV Wet Liner makes for the perfect accompaniment to most colours. We love how @indiarose_makeup pairs it with Strawberry for this fresh watermelon vibe.


Mint Choc

Our Mint Choc liner is a lip-smacking combo of a new UV mint green and chocolate brown that will make you look (and feel) oh-so-yummy! @callmechim’s combination of icy Mint Choc with our other green liners is beyond delicious!



We couldn’t have a cocktail collection without the legendary Mojito! Going from green to pink, this duochrome liner is refreshing and sparkly just like the minty, limey cocktail. We love how @watermelonflesh uses it to accentuate her green shadow here!



Another crowd favourite, Montserrat is the only deep teal on this list. When we say it has the most satisfying colour pay off you only have to see for yourself in @indiarose_makeup’s look. Go on…put it in the basket.



Shimmering like the moss on the trees on a dewy morning in Autumn, our Wet Liner in Moss is a stunning warm, green metallic that glistens like no other. Make an impact like @aaronsmakeup in this bedazzled look.



We can practically taste the sour candy in @hollifer’s look as we move on to our next Split Liner! Named after the sugary sweets from your childhood, Nerds tantalises you with its lime green and hot pink shimmers. Assignment: understood.


Old Fashioned 

This Wet Liner mimics the tones of Bourbon and has a stunning green to brown shift that is just as smooth. @makeupandmoxxi shows us how pigmented our duochrome Old Fashioned can be in her intoxicating liner look below.


Olive Tree

Olive Tree is another Split Liner with two mattes including Montserrat and an original olive green. The combination of these colours has made Olive Tree an essential for your green collection! We can’t get over this look by @kaliberdaa, the green with the auburn hair is divine.



This iridescent, green white to pink duochrome, Ritual is stunning on its own, on top of black or for finer details as shown by @if_you_like_nina_colada. This shade is also available as a highlight in the Shape Shifter Highlight Palette.



This one was nice and easy. Just like the festive herb, Sage is the colour of a fresh sprig of its namesake. Warm, utilitarian, khaki green, seen here in stars and glitter worn by @alexajdmakeup.



Is it still too cold for the beach? Our Split Liner Seaside will warm you up and give you that Summer feeling with its glorious shimmer colours in green teal (Merbabe) and yellow (Sunflower) as seen here on @makeupandmoxxi.


Split Peas

This vibrant UV liner is a part of our OG Split Liner family and will liven up any look, any time of the year. Made up of Mint and Limeade @fairy.freak shows us how it’s done using Split Peas in this checkerboard look!



Sea, snapping, ninja- take your pick! Turtles is a combination of raw, natural greens not found anywhere else in our collection. Have you tried doing an ombre look with our Split Liners yet like @callmechim? So simple, yet so stunning!


Twin Pines

Named after the mall in the CEO’s favourite movie Back To The Future, Twin Pines is a dark shimmer green teal. @makeupandmoxxi wears this soon to be discontinued Wet Liner in this cute graphic liner look.



And finally! T-Rex. A matte, khaki green Wet Liner that is the colour of the King of the dinosaurs! Duh! Look at how pigmented this bad boy is in @alexajdmakeup’s editorial look.



There we have it! Remember, everything in moderation! 😮‍💨Except for caring about the planet and the abolishment of renewing fossil fuels #EARTHDAY

Which shades were your favourite? What colour should we compare next? Are we missing your favourite shade of green?! Leave your comments below.  You can get all of the Wet Liners featured on this blog in our shop in a pot or in your very own Build-a-Palette. Tag all your looks on Instagram and don’t forget to subscribe by signing up below and you could gain access to promos as well as the chance to become a VIP!


By Erin O'Neill


Love seeing all the comparisons for each shade, would love more guides to the colours available!

K on June 14, 2023

Great Blogs, can you do each blog post for each colour e.g. one for yellow, one for pink etc etc.

It would be great to esp. see the swatches of the colours

—- on May 18, 2023

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