Does your star sign define you? We here at Glisten Up! believe it most likely does, so we’ve matched your zodiac with the perfect Glisten Cosmetics product to go hand in hand with your astrologically-predetermined ‘personality’. It's science!


Aries: This sign needs something they can change up on the regular, because the taxi’s here and they already got bored of the look they loved five minutes ago. We need something that is as fiery as this Aries’ spirit and can keep up with the desire for new looks on the spot. We recommend the Warm Circle Split- 5 shades to keep this Aries satisfied.



Taurus: Okay, you’ve over committed and agreed to way too many plans tonight, but let’s face it, by the time it gets to 8pm you’ll have cancelled every single one of them. So, let’s keep it simple and stress free for our lazy Earth signs. We get it, you need your sleep! You don’t even need to activate our Earth Chroma Pencil, just twist and go- perfect!





Scorpio: There’s levels of being a savage, then there’s being a Scorpio. They love hard, but they do vengeance harder, so be sure not to cross this loyal sign because they’ll catch you out! Water signs are deep and Scorpio’s need a product that represents both their loving and their dark side, which is why we had to choose Roulette.




Cancer: We have got to keep an eye on this compassionate, protective sign, because they believe a problem shared is, well, a cardinal sin. After getting home after a long day solving everyone else’s problems they might have some tears to shed…alone please! This sign needs something that represents their boldness and beauty  all at the same time, so we suggest our Split Wet Liner in Beach. 




Virgo: They left you on read, you were supposed to leave an hour ago and you were just about to give up when…BAM! They walk through the door! They don’t need long, they don’t need much and did they even ask you? This audacious sign has to be matched with our Crystal Glis Gloss. They might even pop it on their lids and cheeks for that Beyoncé glow. Sorry, were you waiting on them?





Libra: It’s time for counselling and this indecisive star sign is more concerned about their therapist than themselves! Libra’s are all about love and empowerment and we think they deserve a product that matches their gorgeous spirit. Don’t worry, we made this decision for you, it’s Pretty In! A stunning new Split Liner for this Autumn baby.





Gemini: Gemini’s have spent so long being called two faced they couldn't give a fudge what you think about them, but getting to know all sides of this witty sign is a delight. We keep it colourful and fuss free with our Shape Shifter Palette for our multifaceted Gemini’s. We know they’ll be topping up they’re friends' highlights for them with this product as well!





Sagittarius: Want to talk about self love? You can’t hold this birth sign back and they think they are straight up fire! We couldn’t agree more, take up space sis! That’s why we have paired them with our Wet Liner in Fire, the warmest red in the bunch, just like our Sag’s.




Leo: You got to the brunch late and your friends didn’t give you the attention you ordered upon arrival. Don’t panic, Summer babies, we have the perfect product for you. Our Chroma Flake in Snow gives that perfect “Look at me, but don’t look at me!” energy that our Leo’s serve so much of.




Aquarius: This independent sign doesn't need to be told what their horoscope is because they already know! They are so spiritually in tune with themselves this air sign actually told us what product they would be matched with- Tutti Frutti. We love this extroverted sign and with two shimmers in this Split Liner it was a match made in heaven.




Capricorn: We only popped out to Lidl, but they’re not about to pass up this opportunity to do the most. Their drive and motivation to capitalise on every moment may seem a bit much at first, but we think it’s ultra fierce. So, with the most in mind we can’t picture this sign without anything other than a Custom Wet Liner Palette filled with up to 15 splits, shimmers and mattes.





Pisces: They’ve gotten a hold of the Spotify queue after a couple of bevvys and the next song’s lyrics are just ‘too relatable’. Their positive outlook on things verges on the edge of delusion, but that’s why we love them. Pisces are sweet and found few and far between- our Split Liner in Precious is the perfect match for this water sign.




By Erin O'Neill 

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