We're diving into the stunning makeup looks created using our revolutionary UV IT product. UV IT makes ordinary makeup become extraordinary under ultraviolet light. Get ready to be inspired to glow like never before!


Get ready to be spellbound by the sorcery of @liviajaemua!  This enchanting masterpiece, using UV IT, has created an amazing dripping effect! We love how this turned out! 



Check out the fabulous @loisxmaya as she sprinkles the Christmas magic with UV to create a snowflake masterpiece!  We're in awe of the festive vibes!



Hold onto your brushes, because @bbaldhi just dropped a makeup masterpiece that's turning heads! With the combo of UV IT and White Spectra Lash, this swirly sensation is the hottest topic in town!



@natashajanewood has just conjured up a dazzling star-studded spectacle! With the touch of UV IT, White Spectra Lash, White Spectra Paint, and our trusty Liner Brush 1, she's turned beauty into a celestial playground! 



Hold onto your stardust! @hollifer has taken winged eyeliner to a whole new galaxy with UV IT and Liner Brush 8, and the result - a dazzling winged star look that's out of this world! 

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 By Anya Parry Valeron

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