It’s the palette you didn’t know you’d been waiting for and she's here! At last, we get to unleash her upon you and we here at Glisten Up! could not be more pumped about the Glisten x Fairy Freak Palette! After 6 years in the industry as a Content Creator, working with the likes of Benefit and Colourpop, we got to work with our IOTM, Ria Kelly on their first collaboration and we are honoured.

Ria is from Portsmouth, UK and has been a fan of Glisten Cosmetics since our Split Liners came out in 2020. Since they first went viral for their double brush liner technique on TikTok, we have been working tirelessly to create the perfect Split Liner palette. We caught up with Ria and the CEO of Glisten, Natalie to discuss the BTS and all that went in to this exciting new collaboration. 



It’s finally here! Tell us, who did you have in mind when creating this palette?

N: It's all about Ria. We wanted something that was a little different to what we've had out before, focusing on Ria's wonderful style and personality. Getting Dougie (Ria's partner) to help with the design element has made this palette into something authentically Ria and I couldn't be happier


R: So we kinda aimed this palette towards my style and alter ego. There are lots of makeup products on the market that all have different themes, but I wanted this product to be aimed towards my personality! I’ve always wanted to come out with something fun and colourful that people can use for any occasion. Something super versatile and breaks the standard of the everyday makeup style!



This colour story is so unique, can you tell us more about the thought that went into the selection process?

N: It's all Ria! Although, I do give some guidance on colour choices. For example with Split colours we try to make sure the colours work well together so they can be mixed to make new colours. We also love to have the 'basics' in the palette like Black, White, Blue, Red and Yellow so that most people can make any colour they want. Then we also love to have a few UV shades in there.


R: Creating the colour scheme was super hard at first. I drew up lots of different variations of colour schemes alongside my fave shades of Glisten products until I finally found the perfect match. I knew I had the perfect idea for the “fairy” and “freak” as it represents the cute vs creepy side. When I look at the palette I see a split of two personalities alongside extra shades that meet in the middle, inspired by things and people that mean the most to me. It really is a look inside of my brain with the colour story and of course, I wanted to make sure that these shades were mixable to make the perfect rainbow!



Natalie, what’s it like working with someone else on a collab for Glisten? 

N: I love collabs, I love having people select colours and giving me their creative ideas. I then just have to make it a reality, which is always the best job because I'm bringing visions to life. Ria has been such a dream to work with, their drive, kindness and creativity has made the process so easy. THANK YOU RIA!


Ria, what was it like going viral on TikTok?

R: It’s a very strange feeling going viral on TikTok as it comes so unexpectedly haha. I remember one of the first videos that did well, I had posted it the night before when I only had 50 followers and woke up to half a million views with 10k following me! Since then I’ve taken a lot of feedback of what my audience likes to watch but, creating looks also keeps me inspired and motivated!




And, lastly, If you were both deserted on an island, what's three essential items you would bring with you?

R: Glisten Cosmetics x FairyFreak Collection, a bottle of water to activate the liners and keep me hydrated, and my phone. If I’m gonna be stranded I might as well make some makeup content to pass the time!


N: Okay, I'm not gonna say eyeliner... does that make me a fraud? I'm a fraud. I will need SPF, because I don't want to get skin damage, a mirror because even if no one is there I wanna remember what I look like and finally… probably should take my phone... just so I can still make Glisten a reality for everyone. Let's hope they have signal out there...


We loved getting the chance to speak with this bold duo, it’s always a joy to hear from our CEO, Natalie as well- Hello, deep dive? 

This collection focuses on colourful self-expression whilst allowing you to create some Ria inspired looks, so you can also get this limited edition palette alongside Ria’s favourite Glisten brushes in limited edition pink! As well as some original, holographic stickers designed by Ria’s partner @dougietattoo. Best hurry, because once these baddies are gone, they’re gone! You can find the Fairy Freak palette and all our other products here



 By Erin O'Neill

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