Two weeks ago we brought out our brand new range of Spectra Paints and this week we bring you our long awaited range of Spectra Lash's! Eight bold and exciting shades of waterproof mascara all made with a lengthening formula in the hottest colour trends this year! Match these baddies with your favourite Wet Liner, lipstick or even one of our coloured lashes and blow everyone out of the water with the strong pigment. When have we ever let you down before? 

Check out the new range below modelled by @hollifer on her natural lashes and let the products speak for themselevs. 





 Rose Red





These mascaras can be used on their own or you can use the Spectra Lash in White for adding volume to your look and if you want to get a more punchy colour. To remove just use warm water or a cleanser to get the remaining product off. Each Spectra Lash is available for £8.50, in a build-a-bundle or can be purchased as the full collection for just £58 in our shop.

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By Erin O’Neill



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