The Reds.



As our collection of Wet Liners continues to grow, we know it can get a little confusing trying to figure out exactly the right tone for you. So, we have put together a series of blogs spotlighting the colours of the rainbow and comparing each one so you can find the ideal shade for your look. We kick things off with our range of luxurious reds, giving you looks, swatches and descriptions for each pot and pan available at Glisten Cosmetics!


Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is one of our top sellers and is a deep, cherry red. Similar to the blue tones of your favourite lipstick, this is the perfect matte red Wet Liner for the everyday siren. Look how effortlessly @loisxmaya pulls off this romantic look.


Fire is one of our original Wet Liners and is a part of our classic Red Bundle. Just like the name suggests, this red has an orange hint to it, giving that warmth and edge to your makeup looks. This shade is super pigmented and looks great on deeper skin tones.



Lobster is one of our most popular selling items at Glisten HQ. It's a part of our Basic Bundle and as a primary colour, this bright, true red is a fundamental for creating any crimson look. @indiarose_makeup shows us how matte red should be worn with this fierce, flame inspired look.



@glamgio_nyc turns up the heat with this graphic liner look in stunning Wet Liner, Inferno. Inferno is a shimmer, that pops off the skin adding dimension and a glow that takes your red to the next level. With this being our only red metallic, it's very popular and with the Festive Season upon us, she's a no brainer for the makeup kit.



Jasper is the perfect autumn shade. This maroon is almost like a rich, fruity wine coloured like a dark rose. It's a favourite at Glisten HQ and can be found with lots of other complimentary  Autumnal colours in our Deep Bundle. We love @esantoinette's simple tutorial on how to get this look.




Like its namesake, Mars mimicks the colour of the red planet. The clay and earthy notes are super modern and divine on all skin tones. It's neutral so can be teamed with bold colours as @indiarose_makeup shows us here with the pastel Wet Liner in Mint. A true fave!



From our Cocktail Collection, Sunrise is a gorgeous duochrome Wet Liner that shifts from red to gold, creating this fiery shimmer in the light. @aaronsmakeup pulls this bejewelled look off so flawlessly and the pay off of this pigment is everything. There are ten of these duochrome colours available that are out of this world!


Red Velvet

Red Velvet is the first Red Split Liner we released and a crowd favourite! We combined two complimentary shades, Jasper and Lobster, to create this perfect blend of tones. Splits are perfect for mixing and blending, just like @visiblejune shows us here in this sexy, graphic look. 



This Split Liner is UV and has two unique colours, both similar to Roses! Designed with Spring time flowers in mind, we have a beautiful rosey pink on one side and a rich, crimson rose, red on the other. Again, the possibilities of mixing with this split are endless and you won't find these shades anywhere else in our shop. @dahliacreates shows us how the two shades work together in harmony in her look!



Roulette is one of our Top Sellers since it’s release and is a part of the Deep Split Bundle. We’ve taken our top selling red shade in Lobster and teamed it with our other best seller, Cola- The ultimate black liner. You can’t go wrong with this Split and @loisxmaya doesn’t steer us wrong using it with another precision glam look.

We hope this guide to our saucy and sultry reds helps you sort through your collections at home and shows the possibilities of what you can create with our growing collection! Which shades were your favourite? What colour should we compare next? Leave your comments below. 

You can get all of the Wet Liners featured on this blog in our shop in a pot or your very own Build-a-Palette and see all of the looks on our Instagram. Don’t forget to follow us on all social media @glistencosmetics and check us out on Tik Tok for lives and giveaways! 



By Erin O’Neill

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