The Staff Room

We begin a brand new series of features introducing you to our team at Glisten HQ. We give you an insight into all the behind the scenes of the products you love, the hardworking people behind them and the mischief we get up to on the daily. We kick things off with our zen, palette Princess, Georgie.  



Name: Georgie Davy

Job Role: Chief Palette Picker

Years at Glisten: 1.5                                                    


Erin: Hi Georgie, are you excited to be interviewed for The Staff Room?

Georgie: Hi Erin, yes, I thought this day would never come. Finally, everyone gets to find out about me.

Erin: Yummy. You ready? Describe yourself in 3 words.

G: Just three words?! Energetic, funny, thoughtful.

E: How did you start working for Glisten Cosmetics?

G: My best friend (the interviewer) was already working at Glisten and Natalie, our CEO, was looking for another member of staff as Glisten Cosmetics was beginning to grow. Natalie and I instantly got on, and I’ve been working Part Time as a packing assistant ever since!

E: Run us through a typical day at Glisten HQ for you?

G: I arrive at 10am most days with my packed lunch and when I get in the office everyone greets me like “Oh my god, Georgie. It’s Georgie, she’s here!” Everyone loves me. I get myself a cup of Rooibos tea and then begin my day building customers’ palettes. I put my heart and soul into every single one of those beauties.



E: How do you take your coffee?

G: Sometimes I have it bulletproof or not at all! I like some form of caffeine, but I’m always exploring new ways to have my coffee in the morning. 

E: And what’s your favourite thing about working for Glisten Cosmetics?

G: I really love the work life balance I get from it and the positive relaxed atmosphere in the office.

E: What do you get upto when you’re not at the office?

G: Alongside hanging out with my friends, my partner and my dog, Annie, I have been a yoga practitioner for the last seven years and recently began studying to become an Ashtanga yoga teacher. I love taking trips in our converted camper, eating good food and brewing up Kombucha and homemade body butters.   



E: Do you have any secret talents we should know about?

G: Ooh, what secret talent were you thinking about when you wrote that? I mean, I can clear a dancefloor if that’s what you mean. I got some pretty good moves.

E: What’s your favourite Glisten product?

G: I use the Glis Gloss a LOT, my favourite is Parfait. And recently I took the Chroma Flakes in Galactica to a festival and they were so easy to use and I could not stop looking at myself. 

E: And what’s a Glisten product you think that people are sleeping on?

G: The shimmer bundle, all the shimmery, metallic ones! One’s like Merbabe, Pool Party, Sunflower, they all get overlooked. People need to be putting THEM in their basket, man! 



E: We ask this to all of our important clientele, so I guess we should ask you too. What is your go-to pizza topping of choice?

G: Oh my god, I’m officially an influencer. It’s gotta be deep pan; only because I had this at Pizza Hut the other night, it was amazing! It’s gotta have big blobs of mozzarella. This is a big question. Just toppings? Hmm, nice, small sundried tomatoes, even maybe some red onions, NOT caramelised, just there. Sliced, not diced. Maybe a bit of peppers [GASP] ROASTED pepper AND roasted aubergine…fire roasted… Actually, I think I’ve got to change it. It’s not a deep pan, it’s only because I had that the other night. It’s wood fired pizza. It’s wood fired. Same toppings. But d’ya know what goes on top at the end? A drizzle… a chilli infused honey. A chilli infused honey drizzle! Do you hear me?

E: Mmm, oh yeah.

G: Yeah the drizzle. Wood fired. That’s it. That’s the one... There’s nothing else I can say.



And with that, the mic is dropped. This was The Staff Room and that was Georgie Davy everyone. Thank you Glisteners and don’t forget to subscribe below for more blogs weekly.



 By Erin O’Neill

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