The spooky season is a time to get creative, let your freak flag fly and boy oh boy, have the looks been frighteningly fabulous this year. We have taken our sweet time with this list to bring you the absolute best Halloween looks from 2022 using Glisten Cosmetics. You're going to want to hold on for this one folks, it's a real screamer.
Over on our Instagram you can find tons of Easy Halloween Liner Tutorials for Halloween night, but it was @fairy.freak who jumped out at us this year with this cute ghost look using our Wet Liners in Milk and Cola on top of our Shape Shifter Palette!


Eek! When we saw this incredible look by @sweetmutuals we literally screamed...with excitement! This 'Wacky Seamstress' look is so original, so gruesome yet so stunning. Using our Shape Shifter Palette here to highlight their features and bruising, we rate this #spookymutuals five out of five stars!

Can we all take a moment for this costume makeup by @makeupbylourose? This level of skill is no joke and we are mesmerised by this Jester inspired look which uses customer favourite, Cola. Lou is an incredible makeup artist from Australia and this monochromatic look is one of many in a long list of showstoppers on her socials.


The way @if_you_like_nina_colada applied our Wet Liner in Jasper has made it appear like The Twanas sticks were carved into the skin. This Blair Witch inspired look is simple, but effective and the addition of a red shimmer makes this a winner for Halloween glam. Nina's references are off the charts making her Instagram a big standout this year- you need to check her out!


We have been keeping our eye on @dymaeshia and her Evil Eye Clown series using our liners throughout October. We got goosebumps when we saw this sexy, orange clown look using Wet Liners in Carrot Cake, Milk and Cola. You can check out the full series of colourful clowns and a very impressive Ghost Face on her page now.



This MUA from Dubai, @ramezahhh, immediately caught us in her web with this epic recreation of @meicrosoft's hyperealistic spider look. Using our Split Liner in Coke Float she creates creepy crawlies all over her face that look so real it's giving us the heebie jeebies! Brave and beautiful. 



Yep, we like Nina Colada, that's why they're featured again with this incredibly detailed Silence of the Lambs inspired eye look. They use four Wet Liners here including Bananas, Carrot Cake and Coffee Cup. Our breath was taken away when we saw Milk being used for the iconic skull on the tiny moth's back.

We creep into our Top 3 now with this outrageously glam Pinhead look by @dracorla who is notorious for their Halloween makeup skills. Using Glisten's Split Liner in Red Velvet and our Shape Shifter Palette they recreate the iconic leader of the cenobite's from Hellraiser. Definitely check out @dracorla's Instagram- they have such sights to show you!


This makeup artist from Croatia has a serious eye for detail, or two or three...or nine, and this imaginative 'Curious Eye Queen' created by @vanjalandripet is an absolute trip! She uses Split Pea and Milk in this look to build dimension, but there are so many more we could have picked. If you want surrealism with your MUA's, this is one to seriously watch! 


Do not adjust your screens, this is not a glitch! This is incredible self taught make up artist @meadbhsmakeup from Dublin with this eerily realistic, 3D effect skull. Inspired by the art of @achesdub she uses our Neon Wet Liner Bundle to create this makeup that looks like a filter- our neons are UV too, so imagine this coming at you Trick or Treating! An absolute no brainer for our top spot this year.



What an unbelievable showdown of talent across the globe. We were truly inspired by these artists and are so excited to see what else is to come from them. Which look is your favourite? Comment below who was your favourite artist and don't forget to go and show them all some love by supporting their page.

Don't forget to check out our Instagram @glistencosmetics for more content, updates on product releases and check back here weekly for even more Glisten Up! blog content. 




By Erin O'Neill

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