We did it again folks, we have found ourselves another boss babe to brag about and this time we have another surprise in store for you. Make sure you read on to find out about sassy streetwear brand Peachy and their dedicated designer’s aim to bring planet friendly, unisex fashion to colourful souls everywhere, as well as find out about our exciting collaboration coming out at the end of this week!



Peachy was founded by owner Laura Evans in 2021 and is run out of her home studio in London, where she designs and embroiders everything herself. On Peachy’s website you can find quirky, tongue in cheek clothing and accessories to express yourself with from the Tart T-Shirt to the adorable Lil’ Shroom Bucket Hat. Laura comes up with all of the slogans and doodles herself and tells us more about the creative process.

“My design process usually starts with doodles or words/phrases that are bouncing around my head. Once I’ve digitally drawn the design and decided on colours - my favourite part- I get to work on digitising the design for embroidery.

This essentially creates a set of 1000s of instructions for the embroidery machine to stitch out the design, and through this process I experiment with different stitching textures and finishes. Lastly, the designs are tested on different fabrics and garments, and then tweaked to make sure they’re perfect.”

- Laura, Peachy

Laura not only creates wearable, fun fashion, but is also a super conscientious business owner. All of Peachy's garments use only GOTS certified, carbon neutral organic cotton and other recyclable materials such as recycled polyester, bamboo and rayon viscose - all the way, right down to their embroidery threads! All of the dyes used are non-toxic, fibre reactive dyes, and all of Peachy’s packaging is recycled & recyclable. So, finally some guilt-free, slow fashion- it does exist, you just got to look for it! They also work on a made-to-order basis, which means no overproduction or waste! Caring about the world we live in and the footprint we leave behind will never go out of style.




It’s Peachy’s colourful style and unabashed personality that made a natural fit for this next release. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our brand new Peachy x Glisten makeup bags! Coming to you this Friday, 14th October 8pm BST on Glisten Cosmetics’ website. Eek! 

“The makeup bags themselves are made from sustainable organic cotton, which uses 91% less water than ordinary cotton. Each makeup bag is hand dyed using non-toxic, fibre reactive dyes, and then embroidered by me and my embroidery machine, Threddie Prince Junior. They are the perfect size to hold all your Glisten brushes, pots and small palettes!” 

- Laura, Peachy 


We will have two amazing colours for you all to choose from, one in a classic Black and one in two toned Pink & Orange; Peachy’s signature colours! All bags come accessorised with a limited edition Glisten keychain and Glisten logo embroidered on the front. So gorgeous! These bags fit all of your Glisten Cosmetics perfectly, including our brushes and would make a sweet gift for anyone you know needing to store some bits. Our only wish is that we’d done it sooner!
    It was practically love at first sight between Peachy and Glisten when they met and Laura tells us more about how this exciting collaboration came about. 

“I met Natalie at the launch event for the Shrubs, Dubs & Friends pop up, which we both took part in. We hit it off straight away and spent the evening swapping small biz stories, and cooking up the idea for a collaboration. Cosmetic bags are a natural addition to Glisten’s offering, and I was super excited to work on them.

I’m a big fan of the Split Liners, so I wanted to create a version of the cosmetic bag that was inspired by this using peachy’s signature pink and orange colour palette, alongside a black version. I narrowed down to a range of colour options for the embroidery, and after digitising, sampling and tweaking, Natalie and I chose our favourite thread colours. We also decided to add a zip charm for some extra sparkle!”


- Laura, Peachy



We could not be more thrilled to be working with such an energising brand and think this is the ultimate accessory for your Glisten Cosmetics. It’s a no brainer for our wish list, will you be adding it to yours? Better set your alarms for this Friday, 14th October at 8pm to make sure you don’t miss your chance! Remember products will be released on our website at

You can check out Peachy’s website here to see what they have available in their shop, and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram here to show them some love and for regular product updates.



By Erin O’Neill

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