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We have a real treat for you in this month’s deep dive with April’s IOTM Alexa Jennah. Glisten Up! met with the effervescent Content Creator from Germany to discuss art, her favourite pizza, and makeup tips in this uplifting and energising interview. With over ten years in the industry, self-taught MUA produces stunning work as vibrant as her personality, and at just 26 years old there’s no telling where this young talent will stop!

Erin: What do you want the world to know about you?

Alexa: It sounds a little bit cliche, but I really want people to know more about my personality. Just because I don’t really do talking videos, so you don’t really get to know the person behind the screen. I do so much more than just makeup. I have so many more passions! I am a lot more than just a makeup artist and I have a lot of different things that I have to offer and a lot of things that I’m currently working on as well that I want to push for in the future.

We really want to know your star sign!

I am a Leo sun, Sagittarius moon and a Gemini rising.

Your looks always blow us away, when and how did you get into makeup?

I actually started with raccoon eyes and concealer lips in middle school, which I think we can all kind of collectively envision ourselves in that era- I’m so glad it’s over! But I used to watch Zoella on YouTube and I used to love her little tutorials and stuff, and that’s when I started posting my own really cringey middle School YouTube videos, which thankfully don’t exist anymore. It wasn’t even makeup, it was just me talking in front of the camera, it was really weird. So, that’s something I’ve left behind! I didn’t actually start experimenting with makeup until I got to Uni- [age] 19 or 20- and that’s right about the time I started posting on Instagram.

We particularly loved your work for Zalando Beauty, what is it about working with other brands that you enjoy?

I think that because I’m a trained artist- I have a Bachelor's degree in illustration- I really enjoy working to a brief because sometimes I find it really difficult to come up with really creative things every day. Sometimes it’s nice just being told what to do. There’s also something really cool, almost like an ego-boost for me, about looking back when I was first starting out with makeup and buying makeup from all of these brands, and now being able to say that I’ve worked with them…it’s really crazy to me. It’s a really weird feeling. 

What inspires you as a Content Creator?

I try to take inspiration from pretty much anywhere I can find. Mostly it’s TV shows, movies, music, sometimes there’s a song that I’ll obsess over and that will influence the vibe of my makeup. I like doing makeup inspired by the weather as well! But mainly just by other Content Creators that I follow. I think the people that I am fortunate enough to be mutuals with are really inspiring people, so it’s nice scrolling through my Instagram being like “woah this is amazing, I have to try this”.

You’re also a practising MUA, do you have any tips for any budding makeup artists out there?

I think my advice would be that if something doesn’t work out the first time round, don’t get too frustrated with it, take a breath, try again, because practice really does make perfect. I am not a professional makeup artist, I am by no means trained, I am completely self taught! It came with 10+ years of practice and everyday putting in the work. I mean first and foremost makeup is still an art form and there’s no rules with art, so just have fun with it, just go crazy. Draw on your face, paint yourself blue, like what? Who cares?

Do you have an OG Glisten Product that you just can't live without?

Lobster! It was my first Glisten product that I purchased myself and it is my one true love. I can’t live without it. Whenever I’m feeling uninspired and don’t really know what to do with my makeup, that’s the first thing that I’ll reach for.

A non-Glisten product?

The Kim Chi Chic Cheeky 3Some blush palette in Royal Flush. I am first and foremost a blush girl. I didn't actually used to wear blush until a couple of years ago, I think when Covid started actually. I think it became a trend to wear a lot of blush, so I tried it out and now I can’t live without it.

Which fictional character do you most identify with?

This was such a difficult question because I watch so much TV. So of course, when I read over this question every single TV show I’ve ever watched completely left my brain. It is a toss up between Robin Buckley from Stranger Things and Jess Day from New Girl. Whenever I see them on screen I’m like, yep I do that, I’ve done that before and would probably also do that! I did one of those character quizzes where they compare your personality to every character to ever exist and I got Damien from Mean Girls, which I also lowkey understand.

Finally, what is your go-to pizza topping?

I am a veggie pizza person. I love a good veggie pizza, specifically from Dominos! They don’t do it the same anywhere else, with peppers, mushrooms, onions- a little bit of sweetcorn even. That isn’t always a crowd favourite, but I love it. I go off meat often, so it’s veggie pizza from Dominos. We don’t have one anywhere in my vicinity so it’s torture. I could talk about pizza forever. I have a pizza tattoo…


[interview deteriorates into long discussion about pizza]


After a long discussion about pizza toppings, D&D and hysterical coffee shop fails, it’s clear Alexa is just as she stated; much more than just a makeup artist! If you want to keep up to date with this joyful creator and her current and future projects you can follow Alexa on Instagram and TikTok @alexajdmakeup.

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By Erin O’Neill


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Finally, getting acquainted with Instagram, Alexa. I’ve been wondering why it took me so song. If I’d started sooner, I could’ve read your interview sooner. So proud of your accomplishments. You’re so 👏 awesome 🤩. 💗always.

Nan on August 11, 2023

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