We conclude our series of our Artist’s Palettes with Vol 3, in collaboration with industry power house, May Akhtar or as we know her, Maytahmi. This British Bengali beauty has skills unlike no other in the liner leagues and has a social media following that you wish could be bought. Drawing inspiration from her culture, upbringing and souls around her, May is a standout creator. Having worked with big brands such as Benefit, Eylure and Pinterest we end this series on a high note. There's no telling where this young, Content Creator’s path will take her, but we are so excited to be a part of the ride.  

We caught up with Glisten’s CEO and Maytahmi herself to get the low down on our latest and final collaboration in this series.  



May, thank you for doing this with us…

We are so excited for the final Volume in this series! What do you want the world to know about May Akhtar?

M:I’m just a regular girl who adores her family and friends, loves to eat and sleep lol - but I have serious liner skills and I’m determined to make the beauty industry a better space for Black and NBPOC creators!

Can you tell us a bit more about the accessories that come with your palette and how they can help enhance your looks?

N: May wanted to create the ultimate graphic liner tool kit with her ride or die brushes! This is just that. Three perfect length brushes made for graphic liner with three different sized dot tools on the ends. These will make creating looks with your liner so, SO simple and are perfect for those who struggle to draw easily. Super accessible from beginners to pros! What else do you need?



What inspired you to choose this colour story for your Artist’s Palette?

N: Finalising May’s colours took some back and forth. Wendy and May are actually besties and each time they created a colour story they were so similar! May and I worked together to shake things up and come up with a story that was quintessentially May. It’s perfect for those embarking on their graphic liner journey. You have everything, neons, pastels and a black and white- ideal for mixing things up! 

Is there an OG Glisten product that you can’t live without?

M: Oh no you can’t ask me that cos how can I just pick one?! Can I say my upcoming collaboration as a shameless plug?!

And finally, what’s your go to pizza topping? 

M: Probs pepperoni- Halal of course.




You can check out our full interview with Maytahmi from back in September here and don’t forget to grab your palette on its own or in a bundle with one of May’s amazing graphic liner tools on our website here at www.glistencosmetics.com! Make sure you tag us in your Artists Palette looks over Instagram and keep up to date with restocks and any upcoming releases by subscribing to our newsletter below. 

Which has been your favourite Volume from this series? Comment below!




By Erin O'Neill

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