As we celebrate the release of Vol 1. of our long awaited series of Artist’s Palettes to be released throughout the year, we chat with our first collaborator, Rowi Singh. An Australian born, South Asian artist who specialises in experimental, editorial makeup, who uses her work as a visual portfolio to show her lived experiences. She’s worked with the likes of Nike, Fenty Beauty and Instagram and now us! #blessed

Rowi has been a Glisten fan for a while now delivering looks that are deliciously vivid using our wet liners and adding sparkle in all the right places. Recently, Rowi has created her own brand, Embellish by Rowi, releasing some beautiful gems to help add dimension and embellish your looks. How could we NOT do a collaboration?

Rowi sits down to tell us more about the thought that went into her Artist’s Palette, tell us more about her company and her fave Glisten product!

Thanks so much Rowi for taking the time to answer some questions with us…

We are so excited for this collab! What do you want the world to know about Rowi Singh?

Hi! I'm Rowi, a creative makeup artist that's been in the game for over 7 years. Creating art brings me so much joy. Makeup has been a vehicle for me to connect with my identity as an Australian Indian woman. Oh and my fiancé and I have the cutest cat named Ryo.

Can you tell our customers a bit more about your company, Embellish, and what they can expect from your gorgeous products?

Embellish is my little brainchild that was born out of need. I wanted reusable and self-adhesive rhinestones that were great quality, sparkly, and came in a variety of colours. Embellish is your gateway to creative, accessorised beauty looks. It's a simple and effective way to spice up your makeup. My vision is to develop a vast array of unique 3D makeup accessories to easily elevate your eyes. We're in our Euphoria era, baby!

What inspired you to choose this colour story for your Artist’s Palette?

These were the shades I found myself gravitating towards whenever I picked up my eyeliner brush. I feel like it's the perfect starter pack for colourful, graphic eyes. Oh and I love how you can create new shades by mixing the liners together. I absolutely needed to cover all bases with these shades!


Is there an OG Glisten product that you can’t live without?

I NEED the wet liner in Milk on me constantly. We love a good white liner!!

And finally, what’s your go to pizza topping?

Olives please!

We don’t know about you, but we definitely will be keeping up to date with what Rowi Singh is getting up to, as the future can only get brighter for this female boss. Don’t worry, you can buy the limited edition palette on its own or as a bundle with some Embellish gems here at If you miss your chance, don’t have a cow, sign up to our weekly newsletter below to find out about restocks and any upcoming releases, including Vol 2. of the Artist’s Palette series which will be coming soon.

Can you guess who our next collab will be? Tag us @glisten_cosmetics on instagram or @glistencosmetics on Tik Tok!


by Erin O’Neill 


Would LOVE if this palette came back 😭

Rasa on July 25, 2022

I’d also like to know if this palette will be released again 😎😊

Looray on July 21, 2022

Good morning!

Hope you’re well I was wondering if your Rowi palette is going to come back in stock be ever? It’s the perfect gift for my sister!!

Thankyou so much

Chloe on July 11, 2022

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