Summer is officially over, but that doesn’t mean the cocktails need to stop making an appearance does it?! We're not quite ready to say goodbye to Summer and we have cocktail hour year round at Glisten Cosmetics with our delicious Cocktail Bundle; Duochrome Wet Liners all based on your favourite poison. We thought we’d help keep you hydrated and your looks elevated this Autumn with a run down of the recipes that go alongside our delectable duochromes.


18+ Please drink responsibly!


Bloody Mary



Bloody Mary's have been around since the 1920's, and as a popular hangover cure this spicy cocktail can be had with brekkie and you won't even get any funny looks! Our top selling Wet Liner in Bloody Mary matches the rich tones of the cocktail, with a bold purple to orange shift. Remove the voddie and this is just as tasty for our sober friends.



2 shots Vodka

4 shots Tomato Juice

1/2 shot Lemon Juice

6 drops Hot Sauce

2 dashes Worcester Sauce

2 grinds of Pepper

1 pinch Celery Salt


How to make: Roll all ingredients, rather than shake with ice. Then strain in to an ice filled glass.

Garnish: Stick of celery.


Blue Lagoon


This has to be one the most popular cocktails worldwide and definitely one of the most tastiest. Created in the late 60's it goes heavy on the iconic Curacao and immediately transports you to those beachy vibes. When we say we are always selling out of Blue Lagoon as a liner, we are not overdramatising. This mesmerizing blue duochrome is just as popular in liner form as it is cocktail!




 1 shot Vodka

1 shot Blue Curacao

1 shot Lime Juice 

Top Up w/ Lemon & Lime Soda


How to make: POUR your first three ingredients in to a glass and stir, fill glass with ice and top with Sprite or 7-Up!


Garnish: Traditionally served with a slice of orange and a maschino cherry.






This bad boy takes us right back to the days of Liquid and 3 for a fiver on alco-pops. Long gone are the days of cheap booze and decent clubs, but we've got the noughties throwbacks living on with our Breezer inspired liner. A gorgeous duochrome with a green to gold shift, just oozing those 2000-2010 nightclub vibes.



2 shot Bacardi Rum

1/2 shot Lime Juice

1/2 shot Grenadine

How to make: Shake all ingredients with ice, then strain in to a chilled glass. Or pick up one down the shop.

Garnish: Twist of lime peel.





According to the history books, the Tom Collins started out as a joke between friends in a NYC bar back in 1874. They told people in the bar Tom Collins was going around the city telling lies about them, so hoards took to the streets to find this non-existent nuisance! Our gold, orange duochrome, Collins matches the effervescence of it's namesake and is just as naughty!



2 shots Gin

1 shot Juice

1/2 shot Sugar Syrup

Top up with Soda Water


How to make: Shake the first three ingredients then strain in to an ice filled glass. Top with soda and briefly stir.

Garnish: Slice of orange and a maschino cherry on stick.






Apparently, the Cosmo was traditionally a very masculine drink, before being transformed into the trendy, feminine 90's drink we are familiar with. So, really just like when using our Wet Liners, gender is non-applicable and everybody can enjoy a Cosmopolitan. There are no rules! We can all live out our Sex & the City fantasy with this cocktail and it's gold to pink duochrome liner! We're totally Samantha by the way.



1 shot Vodka

1 shot Cointreau

1 1/2 shot Cranberry Juice

1/2 shot Lime Juice

1 dash Orange Bitters


How to make: Shake all ingredients with ice, then finely strain in to a chilled glass.

Garnish: Traditionally burnt twist of orange peel, or lime wedge.







Curacao is that mystical liquor that turns your boring drink into the superstar life of the party! This indigo add-in has been around since the 1800's and it's citrus flavour comes from the fruit grown only on the Carribean Island, Curaçao. Our Wet Liner captures the blue and purple notes perfectly and is a popping, Autumn shade.


Now, Curacao can be added to create the perfect cocktail or as a liquer so we have included The Difford's Guide - 20 Best Blue Curacao Cocktails for you to enjoy at your leisure!







This classic whiskey based drink was created in the famous Waldorf Astoria in 1894. A favourite drink of the Rat Pack, you can have this sweet, dry or with a splash of Gran Marnier. Go back in time with our Duochrome in Manhattan as it glistens from pink to gold like the ripples of a warm whiskey; so chic.



2 shots Bourbon Whiskey

12.5ml Sweet Vermouth

12.5ml Dry Vermouth

2 dash Aromatic Bitters


How to make: Stir all ingredients with ice then strain in to a chilled glass.

Garnish: Orange zest twist (discarded) and Luxardo maschino cherry.






You can't have a cocktail rundown without the legendary Mojito! This gorgeous green to pink duochrome liner, packs a punch just like this minty, limey cocktail. Orginating from Havana, Cuba in the 1500's this tasty beverage is timeless and refreshing, just like our Wet Liners.  



14 Fresh Mint Leaves

2 shots Havana Club Rum

1/2 shot Lime Juice

1/3 shot Sugar Syrup

1/2 shot Soda Water


How to make: Add first four ingredients and fill 2/3 with crushed ice. Stir then top with more crushed ice and soda water. Stir briefly then serve.

Garnish: Sprigs of mint.



Old Fashioned




We introduce you now to the OG of cocktails. In the 1800s a “cocktail” meant any combination of spirit, sweetener, and bitters, so the Old Fashioned is simply a recreation of the 'original cocktail'. This one's a strongy so maybe just opt for the liner. Our Wet Liner mimics the tones of Bourbon and has a stunning brown to green shift that is just as delicious.



1 shot Bourbon Whiskey

1 1/2 shot Straight Rye Whiskey

1/3 shot Sugar Syrup

9 drops Bitters


How to make: Stir all ingredients with ice then strain in to an ice filled glass.

Garnish: Orange zest twist.







When you think cocktail, a Tequila Sunrise is usually in the first three that pop in to your mind. This colourful, sweet drink was invented in the 1930's in Arizona and the infamous Sunrise colours were the inspiration for our Wet Liner, with it's bold red to gold shift. Another top seller here at Glisten! Take out the alcohol and this recipe is a tasty party drink for all the fam.



1/4 shot Grenadine

1/6 shot Cassis

1 1/2 shot Tequila

3/4 shot Orange Curacao Liquer

1/2 shot Lime Juivce

2 1/2 shots Orange Juice


How to make: Pour Grenadine and Cassis in to an ice filled glass. Shake other ingredients with ice and carefully strain to sit on red base layer (to create sunrise effect).

Garnish: Wheel of lime/orange.


That brings us to the end of our Cocktail Countdown and we hope you enjoy a cheeky cocktail to commemorate the Summer ending with us, why not even treat yourself to one of our Wet Liners as well? Remember you can get your hands on all ten of these delights in our Cocktail Bundle as well as in pan form so you can create your very own Cocktail influenced palette! Tag us in your cocktail inspired looks on Instagram and TikTok now.





 By Erin O'Neill

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