DragCon 2024 strutted into town with more glam than ever! Honey, it was a drag-tastic and left us gagging for more! Meeting all you fabulous queens was the highlight of the century. Let's spill the tea on Glistens DragCon 2024!


Runway Royalty

The queens strutted their stuff down the runway like they were racing to the finish line. It was so fierce; even the runway needed a moment to catch its breath.


 Booth Bliss

Our booth screamed "Yas, queen!" from every angle. We had queens and Kings flocking to our setup like moths to a flame. Our top sellers were Chroma Flakes, Chroma Gloss, Chroma Flik's, and Glis Glosses! You can still get Glis Glosses 2 for £10 on our website with code: GLOSS

Snatched Photoshoot

Strike a pose, honey! Our photoshoot was hotter than a summer day in drag. The camera flashes were like paparazzi – blinding, but in the most fabulous way possible.

We can't wait to see all you bitches next year! Stay fabulous!


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  By Anya Parry Valeron


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