If you struggle to use our liners, don't fear, we’re here to help!

In this blog, we will be showing you some easy yet so creative looks that anyone can master!


Camo Dots 


For our first easy graphic liner look is the fab @jazthewitch creating dots! This can easily be done with our Maytahami Brush Set or even with the back of a liner brush! So simple yet so effective! The Liners used here are Slushie, Camo and Chameleon. 


Open Wing


Using our UV Liner Strawberry Cheesecake, @justlookingformakeup created an open winged liner and a star in the corner! This look is so easy but looks so great, anyone could do it! In our opinion, the easiest way to create the star is to use the back of a brush and make a circle, and then using your brush, draw out the points! Simple! 




This Liner look seems trickier, but trust us, you can do it! @theetonirose used our Wet Liners Strawberry, Blueberry, and Limeade to create these perfect stars! All you have to do it draw a star out, fill it in, and repeat! It’s as easy as that!


Half Wing


This look is so easy and looks so great! @makeupbylourose used our Milk Liner to create this look. Simply draw two triangles, fill them in, add a bit of highlight, and you’re done! If you struggle to match your wings up to your eyes, this look is perfect for you!


Simple Swirls


Lastly, we have @noelleplay using our Wet Liners Papaya and Rust! All you need to do to create this look is grab a graphic liner brush, and stamp a line to create the wing. Then simply just create the arches for this we recommend Brush 6


We hope this inspires you to create some simple yet so fabulous looks! Remember to tag us in your looks over on Instagram and TikTok!  Subscribe below for even more Glisten content and to be in the know about product updates and exciting new releases!




By Anya Parry Valeron



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