At Glisten Up! we try to give you the low down on all things Glisten, and while it’s fun tooting your own horn, it’s much better when others do it for you. We’ve laid out some features including Glisten product reviews, beauty campaigns and magazine covers to give you some extra, extra content that you may have missed from other publications. Bragging? Us? No…



In July of 2022 fashion giant, Elle featured our Split Liners in their countdown of 16 best expert-approved coloured liners for dreamy eyes and even dreamier Instagram pics! We don’t mean to show off, but we rated pretty highly on this one! Check out their countdown here and if you want to get your hands on some of our Splits check out our New Pastel Split Liner Bundle!




Insider magazine tested some of the most hyped up beauty products out at the time in June 2021, just when our Pride Liner became a year round product at Glisten Cosmetics! If you want an honest review of our Wet Liners alongside the inside scoop on other must have products, you should really check this one out!


And if that review wasn’t good enough for you, check out this interview with Doja Cat’s make up artist, Ernesto Casillas talking about how Doja did her own liner using our products for her music video Get Into It (Yuh). No, we're not over it and we're never going to be!!!



HUNGER TV interviews Pro makeup artist Aoife Cullen back in April of 2022, about how to achieve the hottest graphic eyeliner looks following the ever growing statement eye-look trend. You can see our Wet Liners, such as Blueberry and Roulette featured throughout as Aoife gives incredible information on how to create her epic editorial looks.




This interview from August 2022 with our gorgeous CEO from AltPress is a must read for any fan of Glisten Cosmetics. Get a glimpse of how founder, Natalie built her brand from a tiny U.K. operation into a shining success. Keep an eye out next month for a deep dive of our own with this absolute legend, in The Staff Room. Check it out here!




Fashion, art and lifestyle mag, F Word did a beauty collaboration featuring TikTok painter and makeup artist Nicholas Holman called Beauty and the Bizarre. We loved this campaign and think the artistry by Nick is mindblowing. He creates so many looks using our Wet Liners such as Copper, Rose Quartz and the Pride Liner- a split palette with 11 shades and 100% of profits made go to LGBTQIA+ charities!




In this next one, we see beauty and fashion experts, Glamour give our Wet Liners the ultimate test in their Pride Liner Palette Review. Using our Pride Liner, they take five different beauty influencers and let them loose. Take a look and get some upfront, real time reviews and inspiration from this 2022 article and see just how great our products truly are. 


Inspired by the beauty of mushrooms, creative director Emma Wells spearheads a vibrant story using Glisten Cosmetics called Between the Lines. Makeup artist and beauty editor Emilie Louizides worked with our broad colour palette of over 150 colours to create a series of abstract, mushroomy makeup looks, complimented by flowing clothing '...further exemplifying just how cool a Glisten girl (or guy!) can be...'. Stunning!


Last, but certainly not least is our Wet Liners in Strawberry and Peach featuring on Doja's face for her Billboard magazine cover in 2021. We were so blown away by this moment and the photography and creative directive is flawless throughout the article. We stan Doja at Glisten HQ and this Billboard feature was a momentous occasion for her, as well as us. Check it out here.




We hope you have enjoyed some additional content from our friends, we still can't quite believe how far we have come. Thank you to everyone that has featured Glisten Cosmetics or spoke about our products, we love you. And of course, our Glisteners for your endless support, we love you!

Have you seen us anywhere else? What other content would you like to see from us at Glisten Up!? Comment below and don't forget to follow us on Instagram and TikTok for regular product updates and even more content.



By Erin O'Neill

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