Raising Awareness for Sarcoma UK 

A dear friend of ours is doing the unimaginable and hitting the streets of London on October 2nd to run the London Marathon to raise money for Sarcoma UK. Following the abrupt loss of her loving sister-in-law, Alana in 2021 we want to try and help her with the goal of raising awareness about this rare form of cancer as far and wide as possible and of course, help Hana reach her goal of raising £3000 for this remarkable charity.

Sarcoma is a type of rare cancer that develops in the bone and soft tissue that can affect any part of your body. It is difficult to diagnose and one of the hardest to treat. Alana was diagnosed in November 2020 and passed away just nine months later in August 2021. She was just 32.



A key symptom of sarcoma is a lump that gets bigger quickly. It commonly affects the arms, legs and torso and can also appear in the stomach and intestines, as well as behind the abdomen and internal reproductive organs. Sarcoma is very rare, making up less than 2% of all cancers diagnosed in the UK each year, but still equating to approximately 15 people every day- about 5,300 people a year.

3 people in every 200 people with cancer in the UK have sarcoma and it is imperative we try to help support the research that Sarcoma UK is doing in order to make diagnosis more accurate, create new and better treatments, and improve outcomes for sarcoma patients. If you would like to find out more about their incredible research programme and on how to get more involved with the charity, follow the link here.


Alana was a kind and caring daughter, sister, friend, and wife; she supported everyone around her and without fail would bring joy and laughter to every occasion. I feel so lucky that I was able to have Alana as a friend and a sister-in-law and I know she would be shouting my name and cheering me on during the London Marathon.”  Hana


If you are able to sponsor Hana’s marathon run for Alana in support of Sarcoma UK, please do so using her JustGiving page.

If you aren’t able to donate, we appreciate you taking the time to read and help us spread awareness in your area. If you are concerned that you or anybody you know is suffering with symptoms of sarcoma you can find out exactly what to do here.        


The Sarcoma UK Support Line is here for every person affected by sarcoma

Call us on 0808 801 0401

Email supportline@sarcoma.org.uk

Text 07860 058830


Thank you for taking the time to listen and for your support.

Love, Glisten x

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