As we reflect on the past seven years, it's incredible to see how far we've come on our beauty journey. From the inception of our very first swatch in 2017 to the recent release of our Blooming Blush in 2023, each year has brought new challenges, triumphs, and most importantly, a celebration of beauty in all its forms. Let's take a walk down memory lane and revisit some of the key highlights that have shaped our brand.



Our First Swatch: It all started with a single swatch, laying the foundation for the sparkle that would define our brand.

March - First Glis Glosses: Enter Glis Glosses, our first shimmering delight that had everyone going "ooh" and "ahh."



January - Face Stickers: Who says makeup can't be playful? Cue the face stickers that had us all channeling our inner kids! Do any OG’s remember these?!

September - First Palette Design: We officially joined the palette party, proving that makeup is an art form meant to be shared and adorned.



January - First Eyeshadow Palette Release: We unleashed our eyeshadow palette, a colour explosion that ignited a makeup revolution.

May - Duochrome Gloss Release: Adding a dash of magic with duochrome gloss that made lips the canvas of enchantment.

November - First Influencer Collaborations: Teaming up with influencers for 12 custom Glis Glosses because, well, glisten knows no bounds!


First Wet Liner Swatches: We delve into the Wet Liner world!

Brushing Up: Brushes took centre stage with the brand's first-ever release, followed by more in October.

October - Rebrand: Out with the old, in with the bold! Our rebrand marked the dawn of a new era for Glisten.


May - Influencer Collab Split Palettes: Collaborating with influencers for palettes that were as unique as they come.
June - Office Move: We upgraded our HQ, because why settle for the ordinary when you can have extraordinary?
October - Doja Cat Wore Glisten!: When Doja Cat graced us with her look, we knew we were onto something legendary!
November - Glisten x The Clay Drop Cow Palette: An artistic collaboration that blended Glisten's glamour with @theclaydrop's creativity.
December - Shape Shifter Palette Release: Enter the Shape Shifter palette… this one was a game changer!


January - Pride Liner: Because love is love, and our Pride liner celebrated it in vibrant colors.
June - Rowi x Glisten Artist Palette Drop: A collaboration with @rowisingh that resulted in an artistic explosion of colors.
July - Fairy Freak Collab Release: Collaborating on a fantastical journey with the @fairy.freak collection.
July - Feature in Glamour Magazine: We made it to the big leagues! Glamour Magazine recognized our sparkle and shine.
September - Glisten x Kikay Frog Palette: a delightful collaboration with @shop.kikay!
September - New Logo: In with the new logo – a symbol of our commitment to all things bold and beautiful.
November - Wendy & May Artist Palette Release: A wonderful collaboration resulting in the @wendysworld_xox & @maytahmi Artist Palettes.

November - New Warehouse and Website Design: Our brand got a makeover, both in infrastructure and aesthetics!


January - Drag Con: We sashayed into Drag Con, celebrating self-expression and fabulous transformations.

February - Spectra Paint and Spectra Lash Release: Unleashing the magic of Spectra Paint and Spectra Lash for looks that could kill.

March - Chroma Flik Release: Flicking a burst of colours with Chroma Flik – because who said makeup can't be mesmerising?

The Artist's Palette Vol 4 - FULL SET - Alexa Jennah

July - Alexa Jennah x Glisten Artist Palette Release: Collaborating with the incredible @alexajdmakeup for an artistic masterpiece.

July - Time Warp Palette and Juicy Tint Release: Looking fabulous with the Time Warp Palette and Juicy with our Juicy Tint Release!

Blooming Blush Full Bundle - Glisten Cosmetics

October - Blooming Blush Release: We wrapped up the year with a blush that truly bloomed!

PRE-ORDER ONLY - Glisten Cosmetics Advent Calendar

November - Advent Calendar Release: We embraced the festive season and each day revealed a new beauty surprise, creating a magical countdown to the holidays.

As we blow out the candles on our 7-year anniversary cake, we're not just celebrating makeup; we're celebrating the magical moments we've shared with each one of you! Here's to more glitter, more glam, and more unforgettable Glisten moments ahead!

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  By Anya Parry Valeron

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