We strive to bring you the best content here at Glisten Cosmetics and today is no different as we celebrate National Crocs Day! No, this is NOT an ad! We, like most people in the 21st Century, are massive fans of the brand and appreciate their comfy, colourful clogs cushioning our feet. Especially our CEO! With such a day in the calendar over the weekend we sought our opportunity to combine two of our favourite subjects, Crocs and Wet Liners. Using our staff's personal Croc collection as inspo, we have curated a list of Glisten's Wet Liners that match perfectly with them to help inspire your looks.


 “My corporate bad boys, for when I need to dress smart, but not too smart obvs!”

-Natalie, Founder & CEO of Glisten Cosmetics

This classic clog in black is a life changer. It's fashion, it's practical, it's going to get you through the day, right through until the night shift #withNHSstaff . We'd team this OG with one of our originals too; currently trending as the best black Wet Liner out there, it's Cola. Black is the new black.



“Errand running bad boys, the thick straps allow for full sports mode”

-Natalie, Founder & CEO of Glisten Cosmetics

Who isn't obsessed with the endless Tie-Dye Crocs available? The ability to show so much personality with your shoes is one thing, but these straps allow for ultimate agility and speed. Our CEO is also a Mum, so you know this is of crucial importance. You could team this pair with Natalie's favourite green Cashflow, or bright purple Heather, Blue Moon or our neon yellow, Lemonade- let the creativity flow!




"I saw Natalie wearing Wet Liners and Crocs, so I bought Wet Liners and Crocs..."

-Erin, Content Writer for Glisten Cosmetics

These baby pink beauties are probably already in your wardrobe and you definitely need a Wet Liner to celebrate that fact. We have the perfect pastel shade to match these shoes and will give you that coordinated look you've been after. Strawberry is one of our top sellers and you can also get in our Pastel Bundle with 6 other gorgeous UV Wet Liners!



“These are my indoor/outdoor babes. I wear them around the house and in the garden and stuff, take the bins out- you know!”

-Natalie, Founder & CEO of Glisten Cosmetics

These colourful cuties are your classic clog, but in sunshine yellow! One of the best things about Crocs is that you can customise and express yourself with Jibbitz- charms and gems for your shoes! We did a collab with @theclaydrop earlier this year and her charm designs are featured here. We think our matte liner in Solar is the ideal pick for this pairing!



"These were purchased as my new and blue thing for my wedding. I wore them after I couldn't cope with my cowboy boots anymore. Crocs are made for walking."

-Natalie, Founder & CEO of Glisten Cosmetics

Who said Crocs aren't for special events? These were Natalie's wedding Crocs, with a little platform to keep you elevated. That's no different when it comes to our Wet Liners and our Split Liner Wink has two gorgeous shades including the perfect dusty baby blue to match this sentimental pair of Crocs. A match made in heaven, just like that special day...



“Lazy Oaf Boys because...I HAD TO HAVE THEM! I wear these camping A LOT…not sure why…”

-Natalie, Founder & CEO of Glisten Cosmetics

We end the countdown on this incredible pair from the Lazy Oaf x Crocs collaboration that will forever be iconic! The teddy bear theme running throughout this release was too much and we agree that sometimes you don't need a reason to make a purchase, sometimes the aliens just tell you to do it. This nitro green colour has to be matched with our vivid liners in Citrus and Key Lime- obsessed!



How will you be celebrating National Crocs Day? We hope you feel inspired by our list and why not tag us in your matching eye liner and Crocs looks over on Instagram

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By Erin O'Neill

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