Step 1: Lid Lift-off!

Pop that lid open!


Step 2: A Splash of H2O

Grab a small amount of water –  just enough to get the party started. It's thirsty for some action!


Step 3: Brush Dive!

Take your brush and perform a dive into the water. Not too much, though; we're aiming for a splash, not a cannonball!



Step 4: Swirl & Twirl

Time for the dance of colours! Swirl that brush into the pigment and let the magic unfold! Keep mixing until you get a melted ice cream consistency! - For duochrome shades- the mixing process may take longer. 

Step 5: Watch the Colour Unleash!

Brace yourself for the reveal - Watch as the colour payoff happens!


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  By Anya Parry Valeron

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