How To Create Easy Editorial Looks

We love to turn fierce looks, but trying to recreate the styles from the fashion mags can be a real test of skill and patience sometimes, and we aren’t too proud to admit when we need some help. Not all of us are blessed with a glam team, the time or the natural prowess to lay down some of the linework that’s out there, but we have the ultimate guide to getting you started. So, with the help of incredible editorial artist, Aoife Cullen, we have put together a How To on how to create editorial looks easily at home. 



@aofieartist put together a makeup series for us back in January of this year, showing us some simple ‘zero skill’ liner looks. In this first part, she uses liners in Key Lime, Solar, Orangeade, Sapphire and Mint to show us four different styles!


In Part 2 of this makeup series Aoife shows us how to achieve that editorial look with basic, elementary shapes using Roulette and Aqua. Not to mention the stunning dot work using our Wet Liners in Key Lime and T- Rex applied using our Liner Brushes in F1 and 5.



Next up, in Part 3 we see how easy it is to lay down those geometric shapes in Grapeade with our Liner Brushes and Aoife blows us away with stunning over and under-eye dot looks in Strawberry and Blueberry. We cannot wait to try these at home!



Our Wet Liners aren’t just one use and in this next tutorial, @aoifeartist shows us 4 easy editorial eyeshadow looks using our wet liners, showing just how versatile they can be. You could use Cola for that blended out smokey eye glam, or one of our Pastel Bundle all over your lid, topped with one of our Duochrome liners for that everyday look. The possibilities are endless!





We hope these video tutorials have given you some confidence to bring the fashion forward in your life and given some inspiration to those who aren’t so sure where to start when beginning to venture into editorial styles. If you want more inspiration, check out our Instagram for tons of makeup and artistry and don’t forget to follow @aoifeartist for epic looks and professional makeup. You can get all of the products featured in this article at our shop.


By Erin O’Neill

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