This month’s Influencer of the month is drop-dead gorgeous, Latinx Beauty Content Creator, Kait Scarano. This incredible artist based out of New Jersey and New York has over 10 years of experience in the industry and has graced campaigns for big hitters such as Halsey’s About-Face and Trixie Cosmetics. Inspired by all things retro, Kait creates stunning, vintage inspired looks that are colourful and striking! Not to mention that you're looking at the most famous lips on both sides of the hemisphere. We finally got the opportunity to talk about all things cosmetics, community and cats! Let’s meet @beautibean… 



What do you want the world to know about you?

K: Plants are the best gift you can give me, and I solve most of my problems by adding garlic.

.…star sign?

K: Scorpio! My birthday just passed.

You have been involved in numerous campaigns for Trixie Cosmetics. What has that been like and, have you ever met her?!

K: Trixie Cosmetics is one of the loveliest brands to work with, and I've thoroughly enjoyed growing alongside them. I had the pleasure of meeting Trixie Mattel at the Stone Pony Pride Show this past summer, so that was a full circle moment!


What inspires you as a Content creator?

Colours and patterns in nature are my first go-to for inspiration. Recently, I've been really into vintage kitchenware and retro living room layouts.

You’re still practising as an MUA- do you have a preference between the two professions?

K: My joints prefer working from home, but my heart leans slightly more towards the creative collaboration of working on set. All jokes aside, I have found many parallels between the two, and love the variety that comes with working on both sides of the industry!

We know you have a lot of involvement with Meowfest, what can you tell us about this amazing non-profit?

K: I love Meowfest! Meowfest is the event spin-off of Meowbox. So let me break it down real quick - Meowbox is the original subscription box for cats, delivering a selection of goodies to your door every month. Each Meowbox features a surprise theme and contains meowbox-exclusive toys, a handmade toy, and a yummy treat. For every Meowbox you buy, they give a can of food (or monetary equivalent) to a shelter cat on your behalf. Every year, the Meowbox team hosts Meowfest, which is a celebration of all things feline in support of local shelters. They have all kinds of vendors, food trucks, games, live music, photo ops with celeb cats, kitten adoptions, and more. We originally connected in 2020 for their Virtual Meowfest event, where I hosted a super fun cat makeup tutorial. This year's event raised a total of $23,995 for LAPS and Tiny Kittens, which is their largest donation to date! I can't wait to return next year!



Do you have any tips for any budding Content Creators?

K: Find what you love and share it with your audience. The beauty industry can be a lot to handle, especially now that it's been trending on social media for years. I recommend focusing on growing relationships within your community- you'll find much more support and encouragement there. Also- Don't focus on the numbers! Tying your value as a person to your work (and your reach online- ex: likes/follower count) is a fast way to lose sight of why you started creating content in the first place. And it feels like garbage!

Is there an OG Glisten Product that you just can't live without?

K: Cherryade Wet Liner!! It's the most captivating UV neon pink I've ever seen.

A non-Glisten product?

K: Lip treatments!!! My lips can get super dry, so I love applying it before lip swatching and at bedtime. My current favourite is Auric Cosmetics Plush Ritual Ceramide Lip Treatment in the shade "Haze".

Finally, what is your go-to pizza topping?

K: Peppers and onions!



What amazing tips and advice from Kait, anyone got an Easy Bake we can borrow? We have a look in mind. We loved catching up with this loving and thoughtful talent, everybody should send Kait a plant for their birthday! If you can’t afford that, definitely go and give her a follow over @beautibean on all socials where you can keep up to date with her incredible content online and her ever astounding makeup looks and campaigns. We can’t ever get enough of those lips!

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By Erin O’Neill


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Kait is such a light in our community!!

Stephanie on December 5, 2022

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