Since the release of our Chroma Flake collection in May of 2022, you all have been going off about us creating some more colours, and after lots of hard work we are so excited to finally get to announce the new additions to the Chroma Flake family! We have got seven  (yes, SEVEN!) of these new gorgeous, glittery gals to introduce you to, so grab a cuppa’ and let’s get to know them shall we?  



First up, we have this sweetie. Although it may look like candied sugar, please do not eat! Candy, despite its name, is not edible, but can be smeared all over your face. This candy floss pink can be used as a simple glowing blush or built up for an impactful eye. A staple for any make up kit. 





This Chroma Flake looks just peachy in the pot, but comes out on the skin as the perfect baby pink shimmer. Fairy is as magical as she sounds, with a wave of your wand this creamy formula could act as the perfect highlight or sparkle on top of your lid.  





Flame is our third new Chroma Flake to join the collection. This pale orange glitter gel has shifts of yellows and pinks, like a fiery sunset. As the light hits this one it is mesmerising, it goes with so many different colours and would elevate any look, all year round. 





HOLY CHROMA! There’s pigmented, iridescent Chroma Flakes and then there are Chroma Flakes in Galactica. This one and done, rainbow shift glitter gel will make you want to cover your entire body with it. The colours remind us of an oil spill and with this all over your lid, you’ll be sure to be turning looks and turning heads. 





We are nearing the end of our newbies, but the fun is nowhere near over. Let us introduce you to, what is an absolute staple for any make up kit, the solid gold glitter of your dreams…Gold Rush. The formula is so soft and pigmented, with one application the colour pay off is dazzling. Simply a must buy!




We’re all a bit spacey at Glisten HQ and this Chroma Flake in Milky Way immediately sent us on a journey through outer space. The blue to purple shift instantly reminds you of the galaxies far away in the sky at night, and like Galactica and Gold Rush, the pigment is strong with this one! 





Last, but certainly not least, we introduce you to Nebula! You can serve your best Alien Superstar look by smoothing this sparkly lavender gel all over your lids and cheeks. When the sunlight hits, it has nuggets of green throughout and is giving us major Y2K vibes. We are obsessed, are you?




Yeah, we knew you’d like them. We will take one in every colour please and thank you! And just in case you forgot, we have our original Chroma Flakes in Ice, Sea and Snow. That's ten in total!




Chroma Flakes are iridescent flakes in a gel base making them a super easy and mess free way to apply your pigments! They’re fantastic for elevating any look, you can use them on top of eyeshadow, our liners or even on your cheek bones for that Euphoria feel. The formula is soft and creamy making it easy to blend and build your Chroma Flakes, and dries down lightly onto the skin making them super wearable for long periods of time too! To take it off, just use warm water.

What do you think of our new collection? Comment below! You can get your hands on the entire range of Chroma Flakes here and don’t forget to tag us in your looks on our Instagram and TikTok.


By Erin O’Neill

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