It's time to celebrate because party and sparkle season is officially here, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Get ready to shine like a disco ball and turn heads with your dazzling party looks. This blog is your ultimate source of inspiration for adding that perfect pop of sparkle to your makeup!


Get ready to dazzle and shine, party people! @le_luckyy has sprinkled some magic with our Purple Spectra Lash and shape-shifter highlighter palette- using the shade Bewitch, and trust us, it's a vibe!



Be amazed as @watermelonflesh unleashes their creativity using the magical combination of Milkyway and Snow Chroma Flakes. These enchanting flakes are like little bursts of stardust, adding the perfect touch of glamour to any party look.



Take a look at @delphie_makeup strutting their stuff with confidence and sass, rocking a sparkly and mesmerising look. The Medusa Choma Flik, with its dazzling colours and holographic shine, as well as Purple Spectra Lash and Shape Shifter mini!



@jjennamakeup is strutting into the party like a superstar, turning heads left and right with their jaw-dropping look. With Vintage Rose and the Alexa Palette in hand, they've created a look that's nothing short of extraordinary!



Get ready to dance and party the night away with @imagebyella with the help of the Time Warp Palette (back in stock very soon!) With shades like Cosmos and Doppler, they've created a party look that is out of this world fabulous!



Be dazzled by the incredible @caitlinnmakeup_ and her sparkly creation using the Time Warp Palette, Deep Sea Chroma Flik, and Birthday Cake Glis Gloss! This combination is the perfect way to complete this sparkly look!


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 By Anya Parry Valeron

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