We have been working on this ribbiting release for some time now and are so overjoyed to FINALLY bring you your new favourite makeup product; the Froggy Palette. In one of our cutest collaborations to date, Glisten Cosmetics have worked together with funky company, Kikay to bring you the ultimate Wet Liner palette with 8 brand new splits, 16 shades and 8 adorable pairs of limited edition earrings available to match your fit.  



“I've always been a massive fan of Bella and Quinn, they have created such a wonderful community with their brand and it is something that really inspires me. I got in contact with Kikay and the rest is history!” - Natalie, CEO Glisten Cosmetics 

Kikay is run by Bella and Quinn, two young business owners from LA with a brand that focuses on fun, handmade jewellery and accessories that are accessible for everyone.  With their focus being on lightweight, affordable products that use and create low waste, Kikay has a wide range of adorable and easy to wear items, from clip-on earrings to keyrings and a collection of enamel pins that are a feast for the eyes. All of their earrings are handmade with love in their workshop in LA and are a big reflection of Bella and Quinn’s badass personalities and style. They believe that “Being extra shouldn’t cost you extra” and we agree!

“Each colour is inspired by the froggy earring, it's all about monochromatic dressing. Matchy matchy baby. The collab is for anyone that loves to express themselves with unique jewellery and colourful makeup!” - Natalie, CEO Glisten Cosmetics 

These cuties are what inspired the colour way for this exciting palette and there are 8 BRAND NEW Split Liners included! That’s 16 shades! Inspired by monochromatic dressing, we’ve matched our Wet Liners to our Froggy friends. With the warm metallic tones of Honey and the neon colours of Peach and Strawberry contrasted with the deep reds and bold greens of Cactus and Cherry, mixed with the pastels of Wizard and Taro Boba topped off with the perfect primary needed from Astronaut, this palette truly has something for every mood and is accessible to everyone! Match, mix, do what you like, because with this palette the limit does not exist! Our only advice? Get yours quick!

“The frog is a Kikay's speciality. So it was a no brainer... I'M SO EXCITED !!” - Natalie, CEO Glisten Cosmetics

Bella and Quinn have also designed 8 pairs of amazing, wearable froggies to go with your palettes, all with different styles and personalities. You can purchase the Froggy Palette with a pair of limited edition Kikay earrings in our Bundle or if the choice is just too much, you can get the palette on its own. Having a tough time deciding which one to pick, have a read of our blog to figure out Which Froggy Are You? And if that doesn't help you decide, we have a very limited bundle with the Frog Palette and ALL of the earrings available! Choices are hard.

These products are very limited, so be sure to grab yours now! Hop to it! Subscribe below to get regular updates on new products and promotions and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Tik Tok for regular content.



By Erin O’Neill

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