We believe that makeup is not just about enhancing your features but also expressing your unique personality.

What better way to do that than by aligning your Wet Liner shades with the energy of your zodiac sign?

Whether you're a fiery Aries, or an earthy Taurus, we've got you covered! Lets delve in and see what the stars have correlated for you!


If your birthday falls between December 22nd and January 19th, we’ve got some liners just for you, Capricorn! Embrace your consistent personality with these fabulous choices: Moon Rock, Evergreen, and Mermaid. These liners are a perfect match for your zodiac sign!


If you're a Taurus, we've got the perfect liners to match your awesome personality. Get ready to rock the earthy vibes with Leaf, Mars, and Vanilla! These fabulous colors will not only keep you grounded but also make you look absolutely fabulous while doing it!


Get ready to balance out your look with these amazing liners: Grapevine, Turtles, and Delight! These shades are here to help you achieve the perfect equilibrium in your makeup game. So go ahead, Libra, and rock those liners with confidence!


Amp up your makeup game with these awesome shades: Seltzer, Slushie, and Bananas! These vibrant colors are the perfect match for your fun, outgoing and playful nature.Your makeup look will be as vibrant and energetic as you are!


Add some colors to match your adventurous personality and dive into the world of creative makeup looks that will be as bold and adventurous as you are with these perfect shades: Heather, Papaya, and Loch Ness! These colors will ignite your imagination and make you want to explore new horizons in your makeup game!


Hey there, Aquarius! We’re here to bring some good vibes to your makeup routine with the colors with Plum, Mimosa, and Blueberry! These shades are the perfect match for your unique and fun-loving personality. They'll add a pop of excitement and a splash of fun to your makeup look. 


For all the pisces out there, Blue Heaven, Grape, and Mountain will perfectly compliment your dreamy and romantic nature! These irresistible shades will add a loveable touch to your makeup collection and make you look as enchanting and captivating as your heart!


We've handpicked these fabulous shades just for you Cancer’s: Mondays, Petal, and Menthe! These blues and pinks are the perfect match for your zodiac sign. So go ahead, embrace your loyalty and trueness and get ready to slay!


Leo’s, get ready to strut your stuff with these sizzling shades: Ronald, Carrot Cake, and Dusty! These fiery colours are the perfect match for your bold and confident personality. Your makeup look will be as hot as can be!


Perfect your looks with these amazing liners: Ray, Sage, and Old Fashioned! These shades are the perfect match for your down-to-earth and grounded personality. Virgo’s, your makeup look will be on point and perfectly aligned with your amazing personality! 

Embrace your intense nature with these perfect shades: Aubergine, Double Denim, and Shades! These dark and mysterious colours are the ideal match for your passionate personality. Scorpio,  we know you can rock these shades with confidence and allure! 


Ignite your look with these perfect liners: Roses, Solar, and Papaya! It's like the stars aligned! These vibrant shades will complement your bold and adventurous spirit. Your makeup look will be as fierce and fabulous as you are!

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  Anya Parry Valeron

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Awesome color

Dana D Flowers on November 14, 2023

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