If you didn’t catch our release last Friday, don’t worry because we have got the 411 on all eleven of these colourful newbies! This latest drop comes in the form of five brand new duochromes and six new metallic Split Liners rife with 00’s nostalgia that will keep you staying fetch right through the holiday season. Follow us as we regress to our youth and bring you the ultimate Y2K, but make it Y22K, collection.



We kick things off with our stunning new range of Duochromes. Five was the magic number for Girl and Boy groups back in the day , so let us introduce you to the new band. 




When we think of Waves we think of sparkly dolphin ornaments, jelly shoes and pencil organisers…it is the quintessential 00’s throwback colour. This Bright Blue Duochrome is absolutely striking and the colour pay off is phenomenal. You’ll be creating waves non stop this Winter with this eyeliner.


You’ll be serving Under The Sea realness with our next Wet Liner in Mermaid. Like the tail of your favourite mermaid Barbie this Duochrome shifts from a Deep Blue to Purple and almost looks like an oil slick with the way it changes colour. Have you checked out our current dedicated charity Mermaids UK yet? See our blog here.


Inspired by the copious amounts of costume jewellery collecting in your drawers from 2009, we bring you Jewel. This ultimate Yellow Gold Duochrome is perfect for those who want a bit of bling bling with their eyeliner, and as with all of our Wet Liners, can be built up to create a stand out look. It has a Green Gold shift, but won’t turn your skin green like that pesky jewellery.



Just like the animal, Chameleon’s colours can shift; from a beautiful Khaki Green to Blue and it is just as enchanting to watch. We think of those marbled t-shirts you could get with your favourite animal plastered across the front at the Rainforest Cafe when we see the pearlessence of the Green dance off the skin. Worth every penny. 



This sparkly pink Wet Liner is perfect for the upcoming party season! This Baby Spice Pink Duochrome has a subtle Green shift and not only is it buildable, it’s super versatile as well. Whether you're using it on your lid or using it as a highlight, we’re picking ‘n mixing Sweetie every time!  


All of our new Duochromes are available in our New Duochrome Wet Liner Bundle for £32.50 (Sale Price).



Nothing will ever be as iconic as Britney, Paris, and Lindsay all in the same car together, but these six brand new shimmer Splits are a first for Glisten Cosmetics and come pretty darn close. Let’s get to know these A-Listers right away.




First up we have this fabulous Split inspired by the most happening shop on the high street in the 00’s, Tammy Girl. We would flock to this hot spot in search of the trendiest new boy short or fashion accessory available and let us tell you something, this new Lilac and Blue shimmer called Tammy is the hottest new must have on the market.  



Does anyone else remember those soft plays at the top of Mcdonald’s? This Split Liner is serving us Happy Meals with a side of glamour. With two brand new shimmering shades you won’t find elsewhere in our collection, Ronald is sure to satisfy your appetite. We’ll take ours to go please! 


We can practically taste the sour candy as we move on to our next Split Liner which includes two brand new Glisten colours! Named after the sugary sweets from your childhood, Nerds packs a punch with its tantalising Hot Pink and Lime Green shimmers. Assignment: understood. 



D’ya want to go to the seaside? We’re not try-na say that everybody wants to go… Alright, it’s a bit cold for the beach, but that doesn’t stop us daydreaming about having a Mr. Whippy. Our Split Liner Seaside will brighten up your day and any look with its glorious shimmer colours in Green Teal and Yellow. 


Remember all those nights up late on MSN and AOL chats? Coding your Myspace page to fit your aesthetic? Well this captivating Split Liner in Midnight gives off that late night, angsty energy, with two moody colour options in Teal Blue and Purple. 



Last, but certainly not least is our final brand new Split Liner. “I can almost see it, that dream I'm dreaming...” Well Miley, we dreamt it and we did it. We took Coke Float and Hannah Montana’d the heck out of it by adding some glitter and came up with Mountain. A Black and White shimmer Split Liner, perfect for any makeup kit.  


You can get all of these new splits in our New Shimmer Split Liner Bundle for just £32 now! (Sale Price)


All of these beauties are available NOW in our shop and are also available to purchase in two bundles, so make sure you grab yours before the Festive Season! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for regular makeup tutorials and content and subscribe below to sign up to our newsletter for promotional discounts.  

All of our products are Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free.

xoxo, Glisten Up! 



By Erin O'Neill

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